Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dean Devlin Talks About the Failure of His 'Godzilla' 1998 Script

Back in June interviewed Dean Devlin as he was receiving an award for his career accomplishments.

(Dean Devlin of course being the producer of the much maligned, but still cited, 1998 Godzilla film).

He gave some pretty candid responses about what went wrong with the film, primarily blaming himself as the writer of the movie.

He strongly felt it was the story that failed the movie, and I tend to agree with this assessment.

To quote Dean directly, "The problem was the script! I made some big errors in that script. I wish I hadn't, I wish I had a chance to fix it".

I mean the action was great, the special effects were fantastic, the acting was about as decent as was the story that never really gave you anybody to root for.

I specifically recall the ending and wondering if I should root for Godzilla being destroyed? Or for the heroes killing a tragic monster like Godzilla? Or for the egg being hatched in Madison Square Garden?

You see what I mean.

I highly recommend everyone to look at this interview as it provides good insight into his thoughts on this movie...and on the new one being developed by Legendary Pictures.

Here's the original link: Dean Devlin talks about the failure of his Godzilla 1998 Script

Interesting side-note is the revelation that one of the producers within the 1998 film, Bill Fay, will also be a producer within this new Godzilla movie!

Small world.

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