Friday, November 18, 2011

Finally some good "Pacific Rim" news

I found a great article that showcases new info on the "Pacific Rim" film coming in 2013.

This is of course the new movie from Guillermo Del Toro that is so super secret, you probably need Secret Service clearance just to even describe it.

In any case has gathered the best info yet, which I'm reporting here because such a film could influence our Godzilla movie.

This movie is heavy competition for the King of the Monsters, and no doubt Toho and Legendary Pictures are looking at it as a precursor of sorts.

If it's a huge success that's good news for Godzilla. This could launch a new era of Kaiju-like movies, something we'll all be happy to see.

If it bombs miserably...well that can never be a good sign.

In any case here's the best synopsis I've seen of the film, courtesy of

A sci-fi/action tale set in the twelfth year of a deadly war between humans and gigantic alien creatures who enter our world by crossing through an inter-dimensional portal located in the Pacific Ocean. The inhabitants of Earth battle their Godzilla-like opponents via the use of massive mechanical suits – ones that are even more sophisticated in design than those glimpsed in previous sci-fi titles (see: Aliens, The Matrix Revolutions, and Avatar).

Sounds great!

For further info about the film, including who's been cast in it, be sure to check out this direct link to More Pacific Rilm film news

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