Sunday, November 13, 2011

Godzilla Is On a Litigation Rampage Over Honda Commercial

Don't say I didn't warn you Honda.

The Godzilla/Toho Lawyers are at it again, this time suing Honda over what they consider to be an infringement of their copyrighted Godzilla character.

A Godzilla
image appears within a new Honda Odyssey commercial for only a second or so (enough to miss if you blink it), but the Toho lawyers still think that's enough to sue over.

Apparently Toho was never contacted for permission and so their lawyers have once again sued another company for a settlement.

Disclosures on the settlement weren't announced but the damage was clearly done already.

Anyone who's followed my earlier report on these stories (seen here) knows how quickly these lawyers act on any infringement of Godzilla's trademarks/copyrights.

They have a well known history on this, so it's always surprising to see other companies still not learning this lesson.

Here's the original article discussing further details about Honda's predicament: Godzilla is on a litigation rampage over a Honda Commercial

And if you wanted to see the commercial itself, you'll find it right here:

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