Monday, November 14, 2011

Legendary Gets 'Godzilla'-sized Pitch has a bit more info to provide when it comes to this new Godzilla movie and its new writer.

As I had previously chronicled in my last YouTube video (seen here) new writer Max Borenstein has been hired to take a shot at the script.

I noted that this makes writer number 3 on this project (writer number 4 if one counts any input from writer/director Gareth Edwards) as the previous two were David Goyer and David Callaham.

The article though states (from an insider) that the reason for this is because Toho and Legendary Pictures are trying their best to "crack the code" for this movie.

I.e. create a successful reboot that seems fresh and new (in order to bring in new Godzilla fans) while still paying homage to the past Godzilla movies and its fans.

No easy task for certain.

As I mentioned in my past video, I'm glad Legendary Pictures and Co. are taking yet another shot at the story, as it proves they truly want the best story done before actually developing the movie.

Such a tactic was sorely missed within the Godzilla 1998 film, and much potential was lost thereafter.

Here's the original article for further information: Legendary Gets 'Godzilla'-sized pitch

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