Friday, November 4, 2011

New York Post Declares “Godzilla-Like” Protester the “New Face” of OWS

Apparently Godzilla is now attending the Occupy Wall Street movement.

A protester by the name of Jeremy Clinch went on a "Godzilla-like" rampage through Zuccotti Park the other day, and has now been labeled the poster-boy of this movement.

Seemingly drunk, loud and yelling profanities left and right, he was escorted off of the park by other protesters and cops.

If you're wondering where the "Godzilla-like" rampage
comes from it's when he began kicking down tents...just like Godzilla kicking down buildings!

That's almost too funny to compare but it's true.

You know somebody is going to take footage of this rampage and add Godzilla's sound effects to complete the picture.  They'll probably even add his theme song and make it all slow-motion.

If that happens I'll certainly showcase it here.

Here's the full article for further reference: New York Post declares "Godzilla-Like" protester the "New Face" of OWS

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