Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Top 10 Godzilla Monsters has another great Godzilla article, this one chronicling the Top 10 Godzilla Monsters of all time.

Good list created here, especially towards the top of the monster rankings.

I have to disagree though with MechaGodzilla listed as the Top Godzilla Monster.

King Ghidorah deserves that title because he is of course known as the archenemy within the Godzilla franchise.

No other monster has created more havoc and danger to Godzilla than King Ghidorah.

And no other monster commands Godzilla to have to consistently team-up/ally with others in order to stand a chance.

Sure Destroyah ultimately "killed" Godzilla, but it's King Ghidorah who has played an important part throughout multiple decades of films.

Even the anticipation of King Ghidorah appearing in anything Godzilla related (comic books, movies, novels, games, etc) creates excitement.

In any case here's the original link for further info. Take a look and see if you agree/disagree with anything listed on there: Top 10 Godzilla Monsters

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