Friday, August 12, 2011

Godzilla Random Trivia of the Day

Did you know....

That in "Godzilla 1985", Raymond Burr's character "Steve Martin" was only referred to as "Steve" or "Mr. Martin" in the movie as opposed to his full name, which was previously used in the original "Godzilla" movie.

This was because by that point Steve Martin the comedian had obtained a nationwide famous status, and the producers of the movie did not want audiences to confuse their character's name with that of the comedian.


Godzilla Image of the Day

No your eyes are not deceiving you.  That is actually famed basketball player Charles Barkley performing a power drive of sorts on Godzilla himself.

How this came about was in the early 90's Dark Horse decided to create one of the craziest matchups in comic book history (Archie meets the Punisher not withstanding). 

Long story short Barkley had to be taught a lesson about his selfishness, and part of that lesson involved him growing to Godzilla's size in order to stop his rampaging. 

How else could Barkley do this than by playing him in a one-on-one basketball game of course!  Insane concept at its finest.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters #1 Review

Hello everybody this is Fernando for godzillamovienews.

As promised in my previous Youtube video, I was talking about utilizing this new website to further broaden my reviews/analysis of various Godzilla related merchandise.

One of those opportunities comes with talking about Godzilla comic books, and as such I'd like to go ahead and review one of the newest issues out there, this being IDW's Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters series, issue #1.

While I was really hoping for this series to succeed, there's really not much good news to report at least based on this first issue.  Besides starting off with a bang by having Godzilla rise out of the beach ready to cause terror, the entire issue is one of the quickest reads possible.  I was literally done with the issue within 3 to 4 minutes, which is not good news considering the hefty price of $3.99 involved.

What makes it such a quick read is how much dialogue-less pages there are.  Many of the pages are filled with large art panels that involve little to no real action.  It becomes an almost a splash-page issue of sorts.

And then what little dialogue there is comes with childish bantering from the main characters.  In particular there's this one piece of dialogue repeated throughout several scenes that is pure hokey, which is "You've got to be &*^&*%^ kidding me".  They even have President Obama state this after realizing the extent of damage Godzilla is causing.  I realize the writer was trying to make this a running gag of sorts, but it fails completely.

This is surprising considering that this is written by Erik Powell, noted creator of the comic book "The Goon".  While I must state I've never come across any of Erik's work before this, this issue does not provide me much hope in trying out anything else from him.  Of course I'm not expecting anything Shakespearean with this issue, but by the same token the issue is a really simple read.  Godzilla rises out of the beach, he storms into the nearest city and creates havoc, the military and government leaders take action by dropping a nuclear bomb on him, and that's pretty much it.  While all of that reads as being epic the overall feeling was still "meh" within this issue.

I must give credit to Powell though on one thing regarding that nuclear bomb; he finally answered the age-old question of why not simply utilize one against a Godzilla size threat.  The surprising results both make sense and give the reader a satisfying answer.    ****SPOILER, it gives Godzilla his radioactive breath****

The worst part imo lies with the interior artwork by Phil Hester.

As you can see here it's very simple to look at. Nothing really stands out that makes you want to think that it's kick-ass, like it's almost a rush job of sorts. Granted Hester does provide one really nice shot of Godzilla after having a nuclear bomb dropped on him, but in the world of comic books I've had enough experience to know when something looks rushed. 

Who knows it may not have been rushed at all, but the fine details normally missing from a quality job are not there. 

So all in all I would have to give this issue 2/5 stars.  While I like the fact that it makes Godzilla a force of nature right out of the bat, Powell's initial execution could have been better, and Hester's artwork is also not up to par. 

I have though already bought and read the rest of the issues up to issue #5, so I will give my own analysis on them soon.

Weird Godzilla toy...part 5

Hello everybody this is Fernando for godzillamovienews.

Here's yet another weird Godzilla toy, this one having to do with the 1998 Dean Devlin/Roland Emmerich film. *My thanks to Barry's Temple of Godzilla for this*

It's a "Godzilla Stamper", which can apparently be used to stamp some Godzilla-shaped design onto anything you'd like.

What that stamp design is I don't know, but what's baffling about this toy lies with its intent. What would anybody need a stamper for these days? I could imagine maybe using it to stamp the design onto a postcard somebody is sending to a friend or relative, but that's about it. And since people never really send any regular mail (as everything now is either email/texts/twitter), even that concept is obsolete.

For being so small though I must say that the design is still pretty detailed, as it looks exactly like the Godzilla from that movie.

There's actually a very fascinating story related to this "Godzilla Stamper" that I'll make a video soon about, as imo it has to be one of the best Godzilla-related revelations I've ever come across. To be continued...

Weird Godzilla toy...part 4

Hello everybody this is Fernando for godzillamovienews.

Here's yet another weird toy that I came across recently. It's called the "Bubble Blowing Godzilla".

One has to again wonder how a concept like this ever came across a toy company's head. Forgetting the fact that Godzilla of course never blows bubbles, in order for this device to work the child would literally have to blow into Godzilla's own tail.

I'm guessing the intent is for the bubbles to mimick his ferocious fire breath, but this is about as far-fetched as can be. The previously illustrated "Godzilla Wind-up Sparkler" does a much better job at that.

Godzilla shaped clouds

Hello everybody this is Fernando for godzillamovienews.

Here's some interesting photos I found on the net in relation to Godzilla.

By far my favorite remains the first one, as one has to truly wonder what the odds were of the wind, clouds, altitude and precipitation all aligning correctly to make this.

Growing up there actually use to be a tall tree near my home that resided on a nearby road. Each time one drove down this road it would curve at a certain point, and it was here that this tree looked like the top half of Godzilla. Of course it wasn't exactly like Godzilla, but if one squinted hard enough the basic features were there. I wish I could've taken a picture of this tree but alas it never crossed my mind.

Godzilla 1984 Cybot

Hello everybody this is Fernando for godzillamovienews.

Here's a really nice picture of the 15-to-20 foot "Cybot" utilized in the Godzilla Returns (1984/1985) film.

While it looks very impressive in actuality the results were very limited at best. Toho Studios proudly announced this robot as the next step in special effects, but anybody who's seen it in the movie knows how jilted and awkward the movements were. It could not walk, it could not turn around, at most the robot could just move it's eyes/head/mouth/arms slightly around to create some type of motion.

Although I must say, even with all of these limitations the movie did an excellent job of editing scenes between the man-in-suit and this robot. This heavily detailed "Cybot" truly added some great moments when the camera zoomed in on its face and mouth as it roared, so big kudos to the effects team for putting so much good work into this machine.

Like most major studio props it was seemingly left to rot away in some warehouse, but here's a Youtube video showcasing the "Cybot" in all of its glory. Apparently there was a huge public display of this 20 foot behemoth somewhere in some auditorium overseas. It is quite an impressive display, as the curtains go up and there's this giant behemoth of a monster behind some smoky effects looking and "roaring" towards the audience.

Here it is right here:

Sad ending for the 1998 Godzilla

Hello everybody this is Fernando for godzillamovienews.

I recently found this picture on the internet which showcases what literally became of the 1998 Godzilla model used in the Dean Devlin/Roland Emmerich movie.

As you can see here it looks like it was just left in the backlot of some movie studio to rust and whither away. How cool would it be to be able to ask that studio if one could just take it home, as it looks like it's just taking up space in their lot. I'm trying to picture what scene this particular model would have been used within the movie. The closest I could come up with is when Godzilla bursts through the building behind those three military chopters, as it looks to be the right size and configuration.

Still it's a sad way to see this collectible item just seemingly left for parts now.

I've always wondered what happens to many of the props used throughout a movie. Like in this 1998 Godzilla movie, there were those hundreds of prop fish used in the "bait" scene; or in the Madison Square Garden scene, all of those large eggs created during the hatching scenes. I know that some of those items make their way into collectors venues to later resell, but at most that would just be a small percentage of things.

Do the rest simply get just thrown away?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weird Godzilla toy...part 3

Hello everybody this is Fernando for Godzillamovienews.

Now this one takes the cake on the weirdest toy of all. I guess you can call it a toy as the only place I could ever imagine seeing this is in the kid's aisle.

I can't tell from the description because of the foreign dialect, but based on the imagery I believe Godzilla roars each time someone rolls the toilet paper. Does anybody else know if this is true?

I would imagine though that this must be a huge collectors item, as I have never seen anything like this before.

Weird Godzilla toy...part 2

Hello everybody this is Fernando for Godzillamovienews.

Now take a look at this toy here.

Wow that's weird looking. I mean it looks like Godzilla in a loose kind of way, but without the tail, the elongated spikes or even the proper skin color he's almost unrecognizable. You would have to be told up front that you're looking at a Godzilla toy in order to see the resemblance.

I do like the wind-up spark concept though, as that is probably the closest we'll ever have a Godzilla toy that shoots real fire.

Weird Godzilla Toy...part 1

Hello everybody this is Fernando for Godzillamovienews.

So I found this picture today probably containing one of the weirdest Godzilla looking toys ever (or even toys altogether).

Look at this thing. This toy doesn't make any sense. For starters why would Mechagodzilla choose to be a tank? It takes away many of his abilities and powers, such as flight, missiles, and other stuff. Then supposing the tank was set to movie world standards, whichever movie character built it would have had to have made it big enough to fit Mechagodzilla in, so we're talking 80+ meters in diameter at least.

Weird looking toy, weird concept.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

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Monday, August 8, 2011

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