Friday, August 26, 2011

Godzilla Kaiju Wars Board Game

Hello everybody this is Fernando for Godzilla movie news.

How AWESOME is this!

It's a table top game modeled after the Godzilla films themselves!

Much like the game Risk, the idea is to use strategy to win over your opponents before they can defeat your monster.

I don't know if the game subtracts or gives points for the most destruction done, but if it's Godzilla related it has to be the latter if you know what I mean.

I love how the pieces look too; it's like a little mini version of any city commonly found within a Godzilla movie.

Now the news related to this gaming article (timed at February of this year) stated that it was coming soon, and sure enough it's at right now ready to buy. Looks like a pretty sweet game if you ask me.

Godzilla Video of the Day

...Brokeback Godzilla.

You see this is why I love the internet, because it allows users and fans to make up anything in the world.

All it takes is some ingenuity and some time and anything can be done.

Weird Godzilla toy...part 10

What in the gd heck is this?

Is this really a Godzilla toy? Look at it, everything is just wrong.

You've got Godzilla with a weird looking face...his arms and legs are either colored silver or brown...his eyes are a green hue...

...and oh yeah...he's got some rocket launchers coming out of his exposed torso?!

His torso looks like it manually opens to reveal an all new set of weapons of mass destruction from the King of Monsters. So if any enemy is scared of his radioactive breath, just wait until they get pummeled with some Tomahawk missiles.

This toy is a fail, fail, fail on all levels.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Godzilla Trivia of the Day

Did you know...

Toho Studios originally wanted Godzilla to win the fight at the end of "King Kong vs Godzilla", but considering King Kong's overwhelming popularity it was decided that he be the winner instead.

In my opinion this was a very smart move because the film needed both a hero and a villain.

Lizards by their very nature (scales, cold-blood, lifeless eyes) are so much easier to portray as a villain, so the hero role had to naturally fall on King Kong.

As such it had to be only him emerging from the waters and not Godzilla, and the box office results speak for themselves as far as audiences loving this.


Godzilla Image of the Day

This behind the scenes image comes from the classic Godzilla film "King Kong vs. Godzilla".

What the filmmakers are doing in this picture is known as a "purification process", where the purpose is to cleanse the area from any bad spirits so that the rest of the filming goes unhindered. It's a common tradition amongst certain parts of the filming world it seems.

I've actually seen pictures of this process done with Ang Lee's "Hulk". The behind the scenes book I have on that film showcases Ang with some of the producers, crewman and cast (including the lovely Jennifer Connelly) performing this same practice.

Cute that here the filmmakers decided to include Godzilla and King Kong within the purification!

On a quick side note, "King Kong vs. Godzilla" remains the most watched Toho Godzilla film of all with more than 11,000,000+ tickets sold.

Godzilla Gansters and Goliaths #1 Rankings

Hello everybody this is Fernando for Godzilla Movie News.

Conversely Godzilla Gangsters and Goliaths #1 didn't exactly come out with a bang.

Coming in at a miserable 158th out of 300 rankings, it's official retail orders were only 13,392 issues.

I would like to think that this has to do with the terrible title this series has, but who knows considering it's the retailers that order these things in the first place.

While 13,392 is still a good size considering IDW's indie status of sorts, it's a far cry from the more than 50,000+ plus ordered for "Kingdom of Monsters #1".

My hope is that sales for this series pick up considering it's a really good read. If you'll select the label listed below for the title it will take you to my original review, and I highly recommend anyone to pick it up when they have a chance.

Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters #1 rankings

Hello everybody this is Fernando for Godzilla movie news.

Not bad for a character that hasn't graced the comic book field in years.

Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters #1 landed in the top area of the comic book rankings for the month of March, landing at number 16th on the list!

#1 total issues ordered were 58,879, placing it ahead of titles like Superman, Spider-Man, Captain America, and others.

***For reference comic book rankings comprise of the official number of comics that retailers ORDER, not the number that consumers buy***

While I would like to state that it's all due to the love Godzilla fans have for the big guy, it's more likely a result of IDW's gimmicky variant covers.

IDW always shamelessly makes around 20+ variants or so for every comic they publish (I'm exaggerating the numbers but it certain feels that way sometimes). In this manner stores are forced to order more copies to better anticipate what covers their patrons want.

On a side note, this is actually a trait of the 90's that nearly brought the entire industry down, when Marvel/DC/Image produced all manners of variant and gimmicky covers in order to horde more sales.

But still if it helps make Godzilla land in top of comic book sales, and keep him on the forefront of the news, all the better you know.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Godzilla Actor of the Day (Maria Pitillo)

Hello everybody this is Fernando for Godzilla Movie News.

This is yet another new column that I'd like to introduce, this one profiling an actor/actress associated within a Godzilla movie and giving a little history on them.

The idea is to try and showcase some trivia about the actor/actress and see how they came to be within a Godzilla movie.

For this inaugural edition I'd like to profile Maria Pitillo.

Maria of course played "Audrey Timmonds" within the Godzilla 1998 movie from Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich.

Before that Maria was involved in various TV shows and movies, usually playing small parts here and there that made her a somewhat common face at the time.

It was this Godzilla role however that truly put her front and center, for better or for worse unfortunately.

You know for all of the flak that she gets for this Godzilla film, I still believe to this day that much of it was undeserved. Maria did not write the material given to her, Devlin/Emmerich did. They also forced all the cheesiness within her character, and overall made her the most unsympathetic character out of the group.

In my opinion Maria did as good of a job as possible, as the role couldn't necessarily have been better considering the aforementioned items.

I thought she did really well when Nick (Matthew Broderick) came into the scene, truly playing a love-struck ex that suddenly wanted to have him back all while still battling to make a career for herself.

And personally I thought that Maria was (and continues to be) such a cutie. Totally had a crush on her right when the movie came out, and it continues to this day.

Maria must have been doing something right because (at least according to Devlin/Emmerich) she won the role out of hundreds of other actresses. From what I've read she auditioned several times and of course won this part at the very end.

She's never mentioned that she was herself a Godzilla fan before signing on, but of course that's not necessarily a criteria as an actress.

It's a shame she's not doing movies anymore, as should this Godzilla film have become a huge success we'd probably be hearing about her to this day.

Godzilla Image of the Day

I wish I could find who to give credit to for this image, as it truly is a remarkable piece.

Obviously the image speaks for itself...Godzilla caused the Titanic to sink and he probably wasn't even aware about it. The King of Monsters just happened to be dozing off when the Titanic cruised right by and the rest is history.

In all seriousness though this creation looks great, and my hats off to the designer (whomever it might be) for such a cool looking item.

As an extra bonus I've included an image of the supposed real iceberg that caused the Titanic to sink. What pointed investigators to this particular iceberg was the reddish hue/paint found on the side, indicating a collision with some large metallic item.

Godzilla Video of the Day

One of the weirdest, craziest Godzilla videos I have ever seen. Even after all of those years of first watching it on my VHS copy of "Godzilla 1985", I still can't understand its existence.

Who in their right mind would ever pair up such a crazy match-up? Worse yet, who would even bother to accept this as a submission into a released home video? Did Toho studios even know about this; that somebody was utilizing both Godzilla's name and features for such a cooky video?

I bet those Toho lawyers last referenced in my other video would have had a field day this with.

Also where was Disney throughout all of this? Unless I'm mistaken Bambi is not a public domain type property.

Still I have to give credit to the filmmaker Marv Newland (who made sure his name was everywhere within this video). He made it, sought to shop it around, found a distributor in New World Pictures (the distributors of "Godzilla 1985") and the rest is history.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fight of the Day: Godzilla vs Superman

Hello everybody this is Fernando for Godzilla movie news.

Here's the latest fight of the day!  In one corner we have the King of Monsters himself, Godzilla!  In the other corner is the Man of Steel, the Big Blue Boy Scout, the Man of Tomorrow, Superman!

And the fights already over?!

Sorry Godzilla fans, but this is one fight that the King of Monsters himself is no match for.

Superman is of course one of the strongest, if not THE strongest character in the galaxy. At peak level there is no limit as to how much power he can bring.

Comics have interpreted him as being able to rip through continents, move planets, fly at the speed of light, and oh yeah, virtually become indestructible (a God even!) after having spent a millennium of time absorbing the Sun's rays (Superman 1,000,000 comic).

(And this is modern day Superman, whose powers have been reduced quite a bit. In the Golden age comics Superman's sneeze blew away Galaxies; that's how much power he had back then).

I can imagine the "fight" now. Upon seeing Godzilla trying to fight him Superman would probably try his best to calm the beast down. He'd probably avoid all of the tail swipes and charges Godzilla would bring, all as a means of keeping harm away from Godzilla.

Even Godzilla's fire breath would be nothing but a mild irritation to Superman, as he's faced Darkseid's Omega beams multiple times and easily lived.

But perhaps one of those tail swipes crashes into the Daily Planet and severely injures Lois Lane?

Now Superman is mad, and all it takes is ONE punch for the Man of Steel to send the King of Monsters hurling into the sea hundreds of miles away.

And if Superman truly wanted to end the fight once and for all, it would take but a few moments for him to hurl Godzilla straight towards the Sun, and that's that.

One of the shortest and one-sided fights of all if you ask me.

Weird Godzilla toy...part 9

Hmmm...last I checked Godzilla was either a dark green or charcoal type color.

...and he did not have a goldish stripe going down his belly.

...and he did not have silver nails.

...and he did not have red evil bloodshot eyes that appeared to look into your soul ready to claim it.

Has the toy developer here ever even looked at a Godzilla movie? Are they color-blind or something. Nothing was colored correctly here expect maybe his black pupils, and that was probably by accident too.

The closest I could think here is that this is probably some obscure variant version of the original toy, perhaps as a collector's item of sorts.

Otherwise this remains one of the worst interpretations of Godzilla ever.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Godzilla Random Video of the Day

Could Godzilla really be lurking within our seas already?

Such is the case with the now infamous "Bloop" sound heard from a few years back.

For reference "Bloop" was a mysterious sound captured on a sea survelliance recording device, one that (at least based on the frequency and distance involved) would have required an animal much larger than a blue whale in order to have produced it.

Nobody has ever been able to truly identify the sound, only that it was most likely made by a living animal. This video presents this sound for everyone to hear.

Still it would be fun to imagine that this is coming from Godzilla lying somewhere in our seas.

Godzilla Image of the Day

Anyone who has read on Godzilla history knows who this monster is.

Going by the name of Bagan, he is perhaps the most famous "unknown" monster throughout the Godzilla franchise.

What I mean is that there's really been no other monster within the Godzilla franchise that has made it so close to being on screen, only to be dropped at the very last second.

Bagan was at one point going to be involved in no less than around 3 to 4 Godzilla films, being introduced as the newest and strongest monster Godzilla had ever faced each time.

What made Toho studios change their mind had to do with box office results. If the previous Godzilla movie didn't exactly make enough money as expected, Toho returned to more familiar monsters (Mothra, King Ghidorah, Gigan, etc.) for the next film in order to bring in bigger box offices.

This meant that if Bagan was originally planned for this next film, he was immediately dropped thereafter.

This happened several times each time Toho developed cold feet, until they finally stopped with the idea of placing him within a movie altogether.

The only time Bagan has officially been within the Godzilla franchise remains the "Super Godzilla" SNES game. He was placed as the final boss within the Game, even after King Ghidorah himself, which showcases where Toho studios wanted this monster to be at terms of a power level.

But who knows, he may yet be introduced in another Toho film in the future.

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