Friday, October 7, 2011

Godzilla King of the Monsters Motion comic...part 3

Here I continue the third and final part of this motion comic series by YouTube user "JediMaster 725".

For reference he's utilizing the Godzilla Color Special #1 Dark Horse comic.

I just wanted to state again the "JediMaster 725" did a wonderful job on these videos, and that it's a shame he hasn't produced anymore.

I would have loved to have seen his version of the "Godzilla 1985" comic.


Even mentally disturbed killers know of Godzilla?

This is Yanesh Desai.

Yanesh is accused of beating to death his father with a weed trimmer. Apparently his father was sleeping on a futon and his son Yanesh just decided to kill him.

After being arrested he later smeared feces all over his jail, and upon trying to be extracted by jail officers, he bit down so hard on one of the guard's fingers it broke.

Needless to say Yanesh has had a history of mental health problems, all of which culminated to his current status.

No word yet on if he's been declared legally insane, but it sure seems like his lawyer is looking for that angle in order to avoid any serious punishment.

So how does Godzilla fit into all of this?

Well when police initially came to arrest Yanesh, they found him mumbling about X/Y chromosomes, the Turkish people, his own father, and yes...Godzilla.

It is unknown what he was saying about the King of Monsters, but sometime after he murdered his father Godzilla was fresh on his mind.

Who knows if it was because the guy loved Godzilla, hated him, wanted to be him, etc.

I'm sure this is something that Toho does not want any association with, but unfortunately it's already history.

Wow what a strange and unfortunate story.

Here's the original article for further reference:
"Weed Trimmer Killer" suspect allegedly attacks jail guard

Weird Godzilla Toy...part 15

When Godzilla meets Bigfoot?

This is apparently known as the Godzilla Marusan

Marusan is a Japanese maker of vintage toys, and they appear to create widely abstract versions of their licensed characters.

Such is the case with this weird Godzilla toy.

Why is it colored brown? In the 50+ years of Godzilla he's never been that color. He's always either a dark green or charcoal tone.

Why does it look like his body is made out of fur? This is at least a good assumption based on the strange marks throughout all of his body. I'm a Bigfoot head on top and it's the final missing piece.

And most importantly, why on Earth is his tail a weird blue/reddish hue? Is it suppose to represent fire and electricity?

I'm just not understanding where Marusan is trying to go with this. I get abstract but I don't get this.

If you think this is weird, just wait until I showcase the next Marusan Godzilla toy soon.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

What Could have Been: Batman vs Godzilla film

Hello everybody this is Fernando for Godzilla Movie News.

I thought I would start yet another new column for my website, this one chronicling past failed attempts at various Godzilla movies.

I usually do this through my Godzilla YouTube Channel, but sometimes some of these projects have so little info they'll never constitute the usual 10 minutes plus that my YouTube videos deserve.

As such I thought I would showcase them here.

Case in point (for this inaugural edition) is a failed attempt at pitting Batman
against Godzilla. heard that right.

Here's the info that I found about this failed project:

"BATMAN VS. GODZILLA”—Shinichi Sekizawa tried again with a draft submitted in November 1965 that featured the Dark Knight against Godzilla. Robin, Commissioner Gordon, the Batmobile, Batcycle, and a weather control device all came into play, along with references to Batgirl. It’s unclear if this was ever made known to DC Comics, as it never came close to production; the weather device was reused in “Son of Godzilla”.

Apparently Toho Studios was all geared towards this enough to commission their own script.

Only thing is nobody ever bothered mentioning this to DC, or DC themselves took a pass on this ludicrous concept.

I call it ludicrous for two reasons:

a) no doubt it would have paralleled the goofy Adam West Batman (pictured above) concept, as this was the time when Toho Studios themselves were making Godzilla super campy

b) the idea of a "Batman vs. Godzilla" movie just seems so preposterous.
How would it have been filmed? How would the storyline have worked? Would Batman have done one of those corny BAM!, POW!, KAZOOM!, punches right to Godzilla's face?

Ugh. All around this was a bad idea from the start.

Luckily this never went past the draft stage and that was the end of that.

Although when one thinks about it, Batman does have that giant Tyrannosaurus Rex within his Batcave.

I've always wondered why he had such a thing there?

Maybe it was an homage to this earlier idea?

Godzilla King of the Monsters Motion Comic...part 2

Here I continue part 2 of the excellent Motion Comic created by YouTube user "JediMaster725".

For reference he's utilizing the Godzilla Color Special #1 Dark Horse comic.

I truly appreciate it when Godzilla fans go to such extremes, as it shows true love towards the King of Monsters.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Godzilla King of the Monsters motion comic...part 1

I found another great motion comic that a YouTube user has been creating.

Created by user "JediMaster725", he has taken a 90's Dark Horse Comic and has added his own sound, visual and music effects.

Admittedly the voice work is a little weird (I can tell "JediMaster725" seems to be doing these himself) but the overall effort is still great.

I love the little nuances he's created, such as the altered beginning credits. The added touch of the Dark Horse character breathing Godzilla fire was perfect.

Fyi this is all based off of the Godzilla Color Special #1 Dark Horse comic.

I've read the comic book myself and found it to be a pretty good read. The artwork by Art Adams is fantastic.


Godzilla Image of the Day

Following yesterday's story about the potential "design" leaked on are some other amazing sculptures some very talented people have made on him.

Some I've already showcased (both yesterday and before), but others are new to this website.

My favorite one remails the sculpture/bust
showcasing a closeup of Godzilla's head as he's snarling.

One can just feel the menacing power he's displaying there. The added touch of him looking off to the side, as if he's about to violently turn towards that direction, solidifies this effect.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Godzilla Movie News: Is this going to be the design for Godzilla?

Here I discuss some potential images associated with Godzilla's design within the latest movie.

Check out Hector's amazing sculptures at:

Check out the original "design" article at:

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Godzilla Toy of the Day

How awesome is this!

It's the Gotengo from the 2005 movie "Godzilla Final Wars".

Created as a new companion to the popular Super X, this craft looked like a pumped-up version of a flying submarine.

And what a way it was introduced within the film!

No sooner did the film start then an epic battle between the craft and Godzilla himself was already underway. Such a battle showcased Gotengo's abilities in all of its glory, and it even proved strong enough to temporarily defeat Godzilla.

This toy is officially titled the "Gotengo Diecast Spaceship", standing 8" long, made in amazing detail, and proudly displayed on a holding platform.

This is the type of stuff one usually finds within the $150+ price range from Sideshow collectibles.

But whoever the makers are of this toy, they decided to provide it for just a fraction of the price.

What an amazing looking toy.

Godzilla: Legends #2

For December IDW publishing is also soliciting the second issue of their newest series "Godzilla: Legends".

To reiterate this series spotlights various foes/allies within the Godzilla franchise, each issue being a stand-alone story.

I love this notion as it nicely starts/finishes everything very conveniently, and I definitely look forward to picking this series up issue by issue.

If it's anything like my favorite Godzilla series thus far "Godzilla: Gangsters and Goliaths", then I'll be happy to add this to my collection too.

Plus check out the amazing Rodan cover, who is going to be chronicled within this issue.

It is by FAR one of the best covers I have ever seen. Rodan looks amazing!

Cover artist Chris Scalf should definitely continue doing such covers, as I would love to see his interpretation of Godzilla himself.

In any case here's the excerpt from IDW:

The spotlights on Godzilla's greatest foes and allies continue! This issue focuses on the master of the skies— the mighty Rodan! When Rodan's egg is stolen and kept at military research facility, the winged beast is tireless in its attempts to retrieve it. However, the human intrigue and betrayal inside the facility will ultimately hold the key to whether Rodan and child will be reunited again!

Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters #10

For the month of December IDW is already soliciting their newest issue within the popular "Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters" series.

A notable milestone is that it introduces a whole new writing/artist team.

No longer are Eric Powell or Phil Hester providing such work. Rather this newest volume will consist of writer Jason Ciaramella and artist Victor Dos Santos.

Such a turn of events usually involves all new storylines, but considering the excerpt provided below it looks like they're simply continuing the current story.

I'll still give this newest issue a chance.

Even though I was slightly disappointed with how things were going with Powell, one should never allow the past to prevent them from trying new things.

Plus it's great to have Godzilla in an all new continuous series.

Last time he was in such a medium was during the Dark Horse days, and that was too long ago and it ended all too soon.

Here's the official excerpt from IDW publishing:

Things have changed. Last issue's tremendous fight has taken a toll on many of the monsters. Humanity has finally found a way to beat back the relentless assault of giants. But in this brief moment of respite, new threats arise, and mankind finds itself on the losing end again. The monsters may just inherit the Earth in Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #10!