Friday, January 6, 2012

Godzilla Image of the Day

A while back I had listed this picture as one of my "Godzilla Image of the Day" entries.

I thought it looked fantastic, and was a wicked but cool way for showcasing an alternative theory towards the Titanic's destruction.

...who knew that a die-hard Godzilla fan out there took to the time to make it into a diorama.

Look at how absolutely beautiful that work is!

Is this not the coolest thing ever!

The painstaking detail just boggles the mind!

I wish I could give credit to where credit is due, but unfortunately the website listing it does not showcase who it's from.

It was apparently entered into a contest held at the "G-Fest 14", which showcases other super cool Godzilla sculptures and even a costume contest.

How I wish that would have been held near my area. I would have definitely gone!

Here's the original website for more info: G-Fest 14

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