Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Godzilla" in a Remakes and Reboots list

The as of yet untitled "Godzilla" remake/reboot from Legendary Pictures and company is chronicled within a fascinating article from

While it doesn't provide any new info from what we already know, the article does list 20+ other movies getting the same treatment.

After going through this list it was amazing to find out the range of movies here.

I was surprised that Snow White was included, as I had figured that nobody would ever want to touch the history that Disney did with the story.

Sure enough it's getting remade, with Charlize Theron (pictured above, and still undeniably one of the sexiest women in the world) playing the part of the evil Queen.

(My goodness is she stunningly beautiful. If you've never seen her in Aeon Flux, then you've never seen female perfection).

I recommend everybody to take a look at this list as you may see some surprises of your own: Movie remakes/reboots 2012 and 2013

****Bonus Charlize Theron/Aeon Flux picture****

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