Monday, January 2, 2012

Godzilla Legends #1 Rankings

The numbers are in and Godzilla Legends #1 by Matt Frank and Co. debuted to a strong start!

Coming in at 177th place with 10,330 issues sold, it actually ranked above the last issue sold for "Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters".

That's great news for this new series, which I still believe comes with a very strong concept.

Having each issue be a stand-alone ensures that comic book fans finish each issue with a satisfied state of mind.

They know they don't have to buy an umpteenth number of issues just to get to the final part.

They also know that each issue will not be filled with meandering fluff just to ensure that more issues get sold.

It's a concept that I love and wish other comic books embraced.

I've already read this first issue and loved it, as Matt Frank did a great job respecting Anguirus in all of his tiny glory.

And even though Godzilla didn't come out until the last few pages, his presence was still felt throughout the comic.

I highly look forward to seeing how the rest of the series pans out in sales.

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