Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I wanted to wish all fellow Godzilla fans a Happy New Year for 2012!

May you all enjoy great success and fortunes this year, and that all of your New Years Resolutions come to pass!

This should have been the year of Godzilla, with a movie coming out this summer ever since Legendary Pictures and Co. announced their intentions back in 2010.

But production is taking longer than expected...but you know what, this all good news for us because the longer wait will be worth it. Before you know it the new movie will come out and it will blow us away.

I already have big plans for this website this year, as I am going to expand it beyond what's seen now. More news to come as time passes.

Again a big thanks to all of my old and new Godzilla fans out there for becoming a fan, and I look forward to bringing you more new stuff!


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