Thursday, January 5, 2012

Interview from Harou Nakajima, the first Godzilla man-in-suit is chronicling the upcoming release of the Godzilla Criterion movie, and as such they've relisted their interview with Harou Nakajima, the first Godzilla man-in-suit actor.

It's a fascinating interview where Harou talks about how he landed the part, what his experiences were inside the costume, what he based his acting on, and so forth.

There's even a funny moment where the interviewer asks him to recall any comical moments inside the suit, and Harou says he doesn't have any because the experiences were always excruciating.

It's amazing that this guy put up with so much of this suit throughout his life.

He was in no less than 12 Godzilla films, each of them requiring him to move around in this 200 pound monstrosity.

I'm certain though that when this new Godzilla film is made, Gareth Edwards and Co. will probably have Harou listed as a cameo, that way they can ensure that his legacy is kept.

Here's the full interview: Talking with the man in the Godzilla suit

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