Sunday, February 5, 2012

Godzilla inside your computer? has a fantastic article talking about a subject few people have ever seen.

What you're looking at is a micro-sized image of "Waldo" embedded within the intricate circuity of a home computer.

Such images cannot be seen by the naked eye; as they are so small they fall into the category of micrometers.

Called "chip graffiti", they were used by microprocessor developers as both a form of intellectual property protection...and as a nod to popular geek artifacts.

What's interesting to note is that "Godzilla" was apparently used in this fashion by some computer developers!

I tried to find images related to this...but unfortunately I couldn't.  It would have been great to list at least one...

This means that sometime/somewhere in the past, your computer could have had Godzilla within its circuit board and you didn't even know it!

Interesting stuff, and I highly recommend everybody to take a look at this article to see more fascinating hidden images, as well as the beautiful works of art these circuit boards make when reflected in the proper light: Going Deep Silicon Lines Uncovering hidden underbelly Computer Processing Unit

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