Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What We Would Like to See from the Godzilla Reboot

I'll admit, it's been dead slow right now when it comes to any news related to the newest Godzilla movie.

Short of that new writer Max Borenstein writing a third script/draft for the movie...nothing else has been heard of for a long time.

As such has a pretty good article highlighting what they'd like to see within the new Godzilla movie, sort of as a means of keeping interest going within this very prolonged film.

They speculate (as I have in the past) that the film is presumably on track for 2013/2014...and what they want for it pretty much consists of everything the 1998 film didn't have.

I'll agree that the film should truly showcase Godzilla's awesome power. Please no more of the weak, scampering-away monster that would rather hide than face an opponent.

I'll also agree that this film should involve an epic, nation-wide mayhem of sorts.

From the coast of California to the metropolis of New York, the way to truly make this film gigantic is to incorporate many famous landmarks along the destruction.

What I do not agree with is lowering the amount of CGI in the film.

In the 1998 film this remains one of its biggest strengths; the fantastic use of CGI. Emmerich and Devlin were able to masterfully utilize CGI in ways to truly gauge Godzilla's mammoth size.

This should NOT be shortened for the new film, as everyone pays to see wall-to-wall Godzilla action.  Plus this means no man-in-suit.  There's just no right way for something like this to work in a summer blockbuster.

Also I do not agree that there should be other monsters within the film.  Leave that type of antagonism for the sequels, something to build upon as the franchise grows.

If we have monsters already fighting in the first movie, where's the escalation going to be for any future films?

Rather this should remain a solo outing for Godzilla, with him taking on militaristic forces and who knows what other types of weapons.

In any case here's the nice article from What we would like to see from the Godzilla reboot


  1. My two shekels' worth...I previously posted this on the Godzilla Fan Club group on Facebook...
    Ok, been sitting on this for a while now, and you guys excuse me if my inner twelve-year-old is showing...I don't what the new film will be about, but I do know how I'd like it to begin:

    PROLOGUE (Black & White) - Tokyo Bay, August 1954

    Serizawa and Ogata plant the Oxygen Destroyer, and the familiar events of the end of "Gojira" ensue (enhanced footage from the original film would be cool, especially if Akira Takarada scores a cameo later). Dr. Yamane utters the words "...another Godzilla may appear, somewhere in the world"...cue main titles over the opening bars of Ifukube's Godzilla theme, then immediately segue to BOC's "Godzilla" playing over a montage of Godzilla over the years...destroying cities, fighting the military, and battling other kaiju( Angilas, Mothra, Rodan, King Ghidorah, Ebirah, Gigan, Hedorah, Megalon, etc. -all in modern FX, of course), ending with the words "Present Day"...

    That's all I have, but it'd be a heckuva opening, dontcha think? =)

    1. Sounds like a copy of Final Wars opening

  2. Well, I agree with a few things, and I agree with what you said about the CGI. However, I can't agree with what you said about having no other monsters. I think Godzilla should battle another menace, but make it climatic, like in Godzilla 2000.

  3. hello, i'm new to this website, but i believe godzilla should follow whatever the writer and director see appropriate for this character. in my opinion godzilla should have some foes to battle other than just weapons against it. there should be action all over the place.