Friday, January 13, 2012

Godzilla Image of the Day

****Credit goes to for this image****

Awww doesn't Baby Godzilla look so cute here.

He's taking his first steps and Mama Godzilla is all ready to witness the birth of his destruction...but Daddy Godzilla is off at work?

Never mind the fact that hundreds of people are about to die, it's the cuteness that matters.

No doubt this is exactly how Godzilla enjoyed his first ever destruction!

Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters #10 Rankings

With the previous issue clocking in at 182nd place with 9,879 issues sold, has issue number 10 gone up or down in sales?

...well the good news is that it only fell one place in rankings, down to 183rd place.

But the bad news is that the Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters series continues to lose issues, with 9,294 sold during the month of December.

That's over 500 less issues sold!

While the series still remains one of the stronger titles within IDW's roster, it really can't afford this slow bleeding.

Unlike other licensed properties that IDW manages, Toho's cast of characters do not come cheap. They're probably more expensive than any of the other movie/TV studios IDW works with.

If things continue on this path then eventually the series' break-even point will go into the red, which is definitely not a good thing.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Criterion responds to the negativity surrounding its Godzilla Criterion Release

Just a day back I had posted info on how the upcoming Godzilla Criterion Blu-Ray was already attracting negative attention due to the different Godzilla design used within the inner packaging.

(See that article here, as well as the leaked picture above).

Now Criterion has issued an official response on the Facebook post that started this all, which I will post here in its entirety:

"Hey everybody, regarding the Godzilla artwork:

Artist Bill Sienkiewicz used the original, '54 Godzilla as reference for his artwork, but all of the renderings are nevertheless, in the end, Bill's personal vision of the creature, albeit one that is Toho approved. We can see why some viewers consider it to be more akin to the 2002 incarnation of Godzilla because the back plates seem more sharp-pointed and jagged than the curved tips of the '54 original, for example, or the tail tapers more to a point, but those plates don't exactly mirror the ones from the 2002-3 monster either.

We pushed Bill to address Godzilla as a force of destruction, an elemental being, to step away from a rendering that would be purely literal and fetishistic in detail, and think he came up with a terrific interpretation. This is also why there is color in the packaging art. Although the movie is a beautifully-photographed B&W work, we kept leaning towards the elemental aspects of fire and water and wanted the color palette to evoke that."

So...Criterion is not really stating guilty or not-guilty here...but rather focusing on an artistic interpretation done by artist Bill Sienkiewicz and approved by Toho?

Still it baffles me why this manner was even approached. Did they not realize the controversy that would arise from Godzilla purists?

Again I'm not really sour over this decision. I always enjoy artistic interpretations if they make sense, and I can kind of see Criterion's angle here.

By the way, if you haven't heard of Bill Sienkiewicz before here are some great examples of his very popular artwork:

Godzilla Video of the Day

This is a pretty cool featurette that I found on YouTube, this one on the 1998 Godzilla movie that to this day still divides Godzilla fans in half.

It's the first I've ever seen of this video, and it showcases interviews with all of the main actors (Matthew Broderick, Jean Reno, Maria Pitillo, Hank Azaria) and filmmakers (Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich).

It's a good 7 minutes or so in length and it's narrated by "Charles Caiman", the news reporter featured within the film.

All in all a pretty good video that showcases everyone's thoughts on Godzilla and on the film.

Watching all of the highlights reminded me of how HUGE the scope was for the film.

From visits to international islands to the eastern seaboard to New York itself, the breadth of this film was enourmous. Far more than what Independence Day had.

Godzilla design and character aside, one cannot state that not enough budget was given to this film to ensure that its action and special effects were properly done.

This was a film that set out to be big blockbuster, and it certainly accomplished its mission. I only hope that the new Godzilla film is given this large treatment too.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Godzilla Casino game to be featured at a new Casino

A little while back I had mentioned the release of a kick-ass new Godzilla Casino slot game in Las Vegas.

(See the article here for all of that info).

Now comes word that a brand new casino called the "Northern Edge Navajo Casino" is opening later on this month in Durango, CO...

...and front and center as one of the premier games will be this incredible Godzilla Casino game!

It's great to see this sweet looking game featured in such a manner.

Even with just a brief glimpse of this game below, one can tell how amazing it looks and plays.

I promise you that the next time I'm in Vegas (which could be later on this year) I will find one of these games and play it to my heart's content.

Here's the original article for further info about this debut: More Bets More Fun

And as a bonus here's the video of this game again:

Another Godzilla Legends #3 review

Within this week's "Comic Book Reviews" over at, reviewer "Mr. Pasty" posted his thoughts on this latest Godzilla: Legends #3 issue.

He actually gives it a very positive review, stating that the issue tricks you in thinking it's about one thing (teenage angst)...and then switches to the kaiju carnage that we all love and enjoy.

I've read similar comments on this issue...but in the others they disliked that there was even teenage/family problems in the first place.

Personally I'm always up for a little story/character deviation if it's good.

Some of the best Batman comics I've ever read hardly even focused on Batman (Arkham Asylum: Living Hell comes to mind).

So it seems like this series is still going on strong, and I can't wait to report on it's numbers to see where it ranks in sales.

Here's the original article for that review: Godzilla Legends #3 review

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Has Criterion already messed up their upcoming Godzilla Criterion release? has this image posted on their website, which is a pop-up flap located within the soon-to-be-released Godzilla Criterion Blu-Ray.

Notice anything strange about this Godzilla design?

It obviously isn't the Godzilla from the original "Gojira" film, but rather one of the more recent film designs.

The article states that some people are already making a stink out of this, comparing it to a classic Dracula film being rereleased with an image of Gary Oldman's "Dracula".

I can kind of see this argument here.

It is strange that a later Godzilla model is used in this manner. I mean there weren't any more classic Gojira pictures lying around somewhere?

What makes it even stranger is that Criterion is well known for getting things right...and somehow this had slipped their grasp?

Makes for an interesting discussion along the way.

In any case here's the original article for further info: Godzilla oops Criterion release

Outside the Box: Heather Morris, Silent Hill 3 Interview

Like most other science fiction/video game fans, I have loved loved loved the Silent Hill franchise.

From the games, to the movie(s), to the soundtracks, to the comic books, it's an incredible world that Konami and Co. have created.

One particular game that stands out is Silent Hill 3, which found Heather Mason entering this world like Alice entering Wonderland.

What I loved about this game was the realistic (at least as realistic as these things get) approach to Heather's experience.

How she reacted to the people and creatures around her was both convincing and terrifying, and it's no secret that most of this came from talented actress Heather Morris.

For those not in the know, Heather Morris is the actress who played "Heather Mason". She literally was Heather as she provided both the voice and motion-capture effects.

So convincing was she that the character's name was originally going to be called "Helen Mason". But after the Konami folks witnessed Heather in action, they immediately switched it over to her name. now has an interview with Heather Morris, where she talks about her experiences on this game and reveals amazing details regarding its making.

I highly recommend any Silent Hill fan to take a look.  It will definitely be worth your time. Enjoy!: Heather Mason speaks; an interview with Heather Morris

BONUS: Here's a very nice video chronicling the making of this game. You'll get to see Heather Morris in action.

Godzilla Image of the Day

I have posted this image because it was the first ever official image I had seen of the 1998 Godzilla design.

Now I had actually seen this new design before...when a leaked toy image was printed somewhere in my city's newspaper.

Ironically enough I recall dismissing this leak because I kept wondering how it could be so different.

Surely it must have been a ruse right?

Come opening day I happened to visit the film's official website...and low-and-behold a flash countdown timer begins.

No sooner did those numbers reach zero then this image pops up, instantly confirming the earlier leaked design.

What a weird way to officially be introduced to the new Godzilla.

(By that way that timer kept resetting itself to 10 and then counting back down, which made me suspect that there was a longer timer leading up to this reveal).

Monday, January 9, 2012

Outside the Box: A certain Red Skull to be in the "Avengers"?

****FYI this shouldn't really be considered a spoiler because if it's true, then advance marketing, trailers, commercials will definitely reveal this soon enough****

An article at is speculating that based on an upcoming toy (pictured above) for the "Avengers", there may be a co-villain associated within the film.

Granted the only thing has going for it is a small toy description...but past film toys have given good advance peeks before.

It's simply the nature of the beast.

Toy companies have to design and build these products months before any film release. As such early product testing must occur, and this is when such leaks fall into the public.

Ironically enough the same thing occurred to the 1998 Godzilla film, as I had previously chronicled here.

It was the early toy designs that gave away the secret of how he looked, despite the ultra-high measures that Devlin/Emmerich took to keep this from happening.

In any case here's the original article for further info: Selluloid spoilers in a blister pack

Godzilla: Legends #3 Review

Destroyer14 over at has placed the latest review for the Godzilla Legends series, this time for issue #3.

I've personally only read issue #1, as I'm still awaiting a trip to my local comic book store to pick up the latest issues.

But after reading issue #1 it I found it to kick things off spectacularly. If I had to code it into one word it's "fun fun fun"!

The same sentimentality I hope is found within the rest of issues, and judging by Destroyer14's review it looks like that element is still there...but with more drama.

Although how can too much drama be involved when we have fan-favorite Titanosaurus as the featured kaiju!

Check out his review below and beneath that a chance to pick up the issue. I still think things are going great for the series, and I look forward to seeing more of these issues as they come out. Godzilla: Legends #3 Review

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Outside the Box: "The Infinity Gauntlet" review

****NOTE: I had mentioned earlier that I had big plans for this website this year. Part of these plans involve discussing items outside of Godzilla. Mainly items that I find an interest in (comic books, movies, computers, science, etc.) that I would like to share with others out there, thus dubbing this section "Outside the Box". Enjoy!****

Destroyer14 has a great review on one of my favorite comic book events ever, "The Infinity Gauntlet".

I call it great because he perfectly encapsulates everything that made the series work so well. The series' scope was both galactic and intimate at the same time.

At the heart of the story was the Mad God Thanos wishing to obtain the love of Mistress Death, and the ends to which he would force that to happen.

Simple yet very effective.

Mingled in here was every major Marvel superhero throwing everything they had at Thanos, which made this one of the best underdog stories ever.

The action was great, the surprises were original (it was amazing when Thanos' granddaughter gains the upperhand), the stakes were the highest I've ever seen (with Celestials coming into the battle), the covers were fantastic (just look at issue 4's for example)...nothing has since been as grand and operatic as this.

The ending was also very satisfying.

I loved the final shot of a humbled Thanos seeking solace from growing a simple opposed to seeking ultimate power. The analogy is both perfect and poetic.

In any case I highly recommend everybody to grab a copy below if you haven't read it. Of all the countless events both Marvel and DC have plagued us with, nothing comes as close as the impact this series has had.

Here's Destroyer14's review: Retro Event Review, The Infinity Gauntlet

Godzilla: Gangsters and Goliaths TPB rankings

The report is out and the "Godzilla: Gangsters and Goliaths" TPB has landed in a pretty good spot.

Coming in at number 88 with 1,179 copies sold, it falls within the top 100! Not bad for the little-series-that-never-could.

While I know selling 1,000 copies doesn't sound very impressive, one has to remember that these are TPBs we are talking about.

They come with higher pricing so comic book companies make more per volume here than with individual issues.

Plus they are essentially reselling something they've already recouped original costs it's a great form of double-dipping.

Personally I love TPBs.

I prefer them far more than monthly issues because it's great to get the entire story all at once, but that's just me.

(One of my favorite hobbies remains purchasing used TPBs through, as one can easily obtain the same comic for a fraction of the price).

In any case I still recommend everybody to give this series a read.

It's a great detective story mixed in with great kaiju-fighting, what more can anyone ask for?

The "Akira" movie a good analogy for this newest Godzilla movie

Just recently Warner Brothers decided to shut down production on the long-in-standing "Akira" film, and it got me thinking about how the newest Godzilla movie fits into all of this.

I mention this because both projects seem to have the same inactive status' plaguing them.

For instance the "Akira" rights were first acquired by Warner Brothers back in 2008. We're talking almost four years here and the movie still hasn't been made?

It has had multiple directors and writers trying to bring their version of the film up to light...but in each instance things kept failing.

As a nice article on highlights:

"An individual close to the project told TheWrap that Warners still wants to make the movie, budgeted around $90 million. The problems appear to be related to -- as these things tend to be -- budget and casting."

To no one's surprise Warners has now shut things down indefinitely, with the status of the film seemingly doomed.

Interesting how the newest Godzilla movie seems to have the same problems too.

As I've chronicled throughout past postings, Warner Brothers has had the Godzilla film rights for nearly two years now.  (This was done with much fanfare at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con).

It was supposed to have been placed on the fast-track with the anticipated release date being 2012...but come two years later and the movie is still nowhere in sight?

Thus far we have had one director hiring multiple writers to perform multiple rewrites, but the film is no closer to fruition to when it was first announced.

While we haven't heard this being due to budgeting issues...I strongly suspect this to be the case considering most movie rewrites do not happen for any other reason.

Studios get nervous when they see a script asking for hundred(s) of millions of dollars in production costs, and thus rewrites become mandatory.

This Godzilla film will no doubt be expensive to make...the only question is at what price will the script make things happen.

In any case I hope that this newest Godzilla film doesn't go the route of "Akira".

I think that before the year is finished we'll finally have some definitive news on where the film stands.

For a good synopsis on the status of the "Akira" film, here's the original link: Warner Bros shuts down production on Akira