Friday, January 20, 2012

Weird Godzilla Toy...part 19

I don't know if this really counts as a toy...but then again how else can it be classified?

It's a plaything that people use for fun...does that not specify a toy?

In any case this costume is both weird and cute at the time. Weird for the dog (who no doubts looks at us as if we're crazy) but super cute for everyone else.

How is he able to lick himself...or pee for that matter? Hopefully they're not in that costume for too long.

As a Bonus I've included two of my favorite dog costumes. Tell me you cannot look at these pics and automatically go awwwwwwwww.

For more costumed dog pics (including the originals I listed here) check out this website: 15 Weird Dog Costumes

"Godzilla" listed within a Reboot column has an interesting article regarding upcoming reboots within Hollywood.

The latest "Godzilla" movie is listed here...and while there's no real new information, the reason I cite the article is because of the other interesting movies listed.

Who knew so many classics are getting reworked now.

For example "The Birds", the classic Alfred Hitchcocks tale of suspense and fear, is already getting remade with the beautiful Naomi Watts (pictured) starring.

Then there's Mary Shelly's "Frankenstein", which is getting remade by none other than Guillermo Del Toro. Apparently the movie is going to take place in a setting outside of the Victorian age, which with Guillermo's eye for fantasy worlds, should make an interesting twist.

Then "RoboCop" is getting the remake boot, which is something that I do not agree with as the first two films (not counting the third) are already classics. Who knows how this is going to turn out, but whoever does it has to tread on light ice.

In any case check out the link below for more info on these remakes and others: More Movie Reboots Are Planned For the Future

BONUS: Naomi Watts is a heavenly Angel sent to Earth, as the bottom picture proves:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More Godzilla 2013/2014 viral marketing?

Now I suggest everyone out there take this with an extreme grain of salt...

...but there are people out stating that the "strange sound" videos circulating YouTube could be a part of the viral campaign for the newest Godzilla movie.

Play these videos and see what you think.

Again I highly suggest everyone to take an extreme skeptical eye towards this...but...and this is a big but...if the marketing for this latest Godzilla movie is to go one route, this path makes practical sense.

Both of these videos have cries that seem to come from very very large animals, kaiju size in fact. Both reveal something and yet nothing at the same time. Both place people right in the middle of it, creating some intense and frightening moments (I know I would be freaked out if I heard something like this).

We've already seen examples of viral video marketing work (see all those Cloverfield videos on YouTube) so why not with Godzilla?

I can completely see the newest Godzilla movie going this route, showcasing brief glimpses/sounds of some of the monsters to be within the movie.

Godzilla Image of the Day

That's right, respect his yield right of way.

(It's not like you really have a choice here).

What's funny to me is how somewhere on Earth this is posted on a street corner.

I mean it looks real...I don't see any image manipulation it's a real metal street sign.

Now I've heard of some people getting kicks out of stealing signs with their names, or ones with "double entendre" names...but if there's one that people should really be swiping it's this one.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Godzilla Movie News: Rejected official Godzilla 2012/2013 designs!

Here I go over some rejected official designs for this latest Godzilla movie. While they're not going to be the final designs, they still reflect where the movie is heading.

Godzilla Legends #5 info

Another month another Godzilla comic book solicitation from IDW.

Rounding out the final issue of this wonderful "Godzilla Legends" series is a standalone issue focusing on the big man himself.

As I've said in previous posts I love this series!

It's a wonderful way to present stories on fan-favorite kaijus, while at the same time wrapping everything up by the end of each issue.

Here's the official synopsis:

Godzilla: Legends #5 (of 5)
Release: March, 2012
Writer: Bobby Curnow
Artist: Dean Haspiel
Cover: Arthur Adams
The final Legend is here! Does Godzilla have a weakness? The government wants to know, and in order to get the necessary data, tissue samples must be taken from the great beast. The only way to get these samples? TO CLIMB GODZILLA! Renowned, retired adventurer Bryson Allworth is called in. Is he up to the herculean task? When another monster shows up to tumble, the task is only gonna get tougher! Don't miss this special final issue to LEGENDS!

*Variant cover by Bob Eggleton
*Additional black and white cover variant by Arthur Adams

What's interesting to note is that March only has this Godzilla series for solicitation.  There's no mention of another issue from the "Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters" series.

While I haven't heard that it's been canceled, I do believe there may be a brief pause as the new creative team catches up on things.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Outside the Box: Focus on IDW comics

Writing about IDW Comics and their Godzilla comics for several months now, it made me realize how interesting this comic book company is.

For those not in the know IDW comics is an independent comic book publisher that (in recent years) has solely focused on licensed properties.

In the beginning (founded in 1999) they started on original properties of their own, with their first series "30 Days of Night" landing them in Hollywood's eyes.

This series was of course made into a feature film and later had TV/DVD releases, but the mark was there for IDW to work on properties specifically derived from, or built for, other mediums.

As such it wasn't long before they partnered with well known movie/TV studios in order to offer comic books based off of successful franchises.

Their thought process seems to be that the franchise is already there to exploit off of...the only thing left is to offer a new avenue (comics) for this preexisting fan base.

It's a model that I agree with and has worked very well for IDW, with multiple series' focused on fan favorite franchises such as Godzilla, Transformers, True Blood, 24, GI: Joe, Dick Tracy, etc., and that's just to name a few.

Such a model Dark Horse comics utilizes to some extent, but nowhere near to what IDW does.  Why Marvel and DC don't get into this act is beyond me, as they've worked with licensed properties before.

In any case IDW has now focused on creating Omnibus' catered towards reprinting series' issued years ago, sometimes even from other publishers like Marvel.

I'm now seeing dozens of never-before-seen titles on, which denotes how successful this sub-model has become.

I personally love Omnibus' because they contain anywhere from 300 to 500 pages of comics within one specially priced booklet. You literally get dozens of issues within one package.

Not even TPBs come close to such an offer, and the only trade off is that the Onmibus' are reprinted in a "Reader Digest" size, i.e. about 1/4 smaller than your standard comic.

In any case I'm happy for IDW's success and look forward to them continuing for another 10, 20, 30+ years in this business.

Coming out of nowhere to compete with giants like Marvel and DC (and sub-giants like Image and Dark Horse) and still succeed is not an easy thing to do, so kudos to them for their great work here.

As a bonus I've included links to some of my favorite IDW Omnibus' on the right-side column. If you haven't picked up an Omnibus before, now's a great chance to get started.

IDW to announce a new series at the London Super Comic Convention

IDW comics, publishers of the three Godzilla series' "Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters", "Godzilla: Gangsters and Goliaths", and "Godzilla Legends", announced that they will hallmark the brand new "London Super Comic Convention" to be held on February 25th within the United Kingdom.

To kick off the event they will exclusively introduce a brand new series (or two) and offer a special variant cover of "Transformers: Infestation 2" (pictured).

Hmm...could another Godzilla title be in the works?

While I hope this would happen, I'm doubting that another Godzilla series will be introduced.

IDW already has 3 Godzilla series' within their base of comics, and I'm certain they're smart enough to realize that adding more will create saturation/cannibalization within the titles.

Most likely it will be the announcement of another key license they've acquired, which is their forte.

I do believe though that once "Godzilla Legends" finishes its course, IDW will only leave "Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters" around.

It's been documented in sales now that while the Godzilla series' are getting good sales...they're not exactly great either.

Other IDW issues sell more (Transformers for example) and it's only natural for any company to continue focusing on what works well.

In any case here's the original article on IDW's announcements: IDW to appear at London Super Comic Convention in February

Sunday, January 15, 2012

3D Android Smart Goggles illustrate what it's like to be Godzilla

What you're looking at is the new "3D Android Smart Goggles" that debuted in this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

For those not in the know the CES is an annual event where top technology companies debut their latest in fancy gadgets. (I've personally never been to one but would love to see what it's like).

As the article from highlights about these goggles:

Equipped with a 1.2Ghz dual-core processor and multiple cameras, the Android 4.0-powered Smart Goggles scan the environment and react accordingly to just about any movement you make: including spinning, jumping, walking, turning and tilting.

So it's literally like being in a 3D virtual world, or as least the closest experience thus far.

The coolest thing about these Goggles was what was presented inside.

Apparently there was simulation of your average city, and based on your movements the goggle would showcase the user destroying the city just like Godzilla would!

Cool huh!

Here's the original article for further information: Android Goggles Headset news

It's funny that I found this article because I was just talking with my sister about virtual technology. The subject was brought up after we had seen this commercial:

I was telling her how I wish that within my generation virtual technology will reach what that kid within the commercial was experiencing.

How extremely awesome would that be to play in a world like that!

And it will happen one day, mark my words.  One day you will be able to enter a 360 degree green screen circle of sorts, and once that device powers up you'll instantly be in that gaming world.

If it gets to that point you will literally have kids playing for days on end.  You'd have to shut the house's power off in order to get them away from something so cool.

Godzilla Legends #2 Rankings

For the first issue of this new Godzilla Legends series, it had debuted strong at 177th place with 10,330 issues sold.

If you recall it had dealt with Anguirus battling Destroyah, the ultimate underdog issue.

So how has issue #2 fared thus far?

Unfortunately it dropped tremendously in sales, coming in at 192nd place with 8,465 issues sold.

That's nearly 2,000 issues less than its initial debut, down almost 1/5 of what was sold before!

Ouch that hurts.

 Such a drop indicates that comic book buyers didn't come out in droves to obtain the first issue, so comic book retailers ordered less thereafter in order to hedge their bets.

I will go ahead and make a prediction that sales will probably flatten out from here on out.  There will probably be a loss of a thousand or so issues along the way too.

But still this is quite a drop, I'm sure far more than what IDW had in mind.

I think the mistake here was debuting the series with a lesser known kaiju like Anguirus.

If the series' intent was to dedicate each story to a monster, they should have debuted with either MechaGodzilla or King Ghidorah.  Those are names every sci-fi fan knows.

Anguirus has his fans, but definitely not enough to make general comic book fans interested in picking up the series.