Friday, March 2, 2012

Godzilla Image of the Day

****Credit again goes to for this great image****

Awesome looking poster!

Going from left to right I can tell who everyone is...except for the very top middle and right silhouettes.

Does anyone know who they are supposed to be?

And don't you dare point your gun at the bottom left-hand corner, or else you might find yourself feeling the wrath from the King of the Monsters.

Godzilla Legends #3 Rankings

Well it looks like Godzilla Legends #3, the one featuring Titanosaurus, lost some of its titanic sales based off of the latest rankings.

As you recall issue #2 came in at 192nd place with 8,465 issues sold.

Now issue #3 picked up ever so slightly by coming in at 187th place...but it lost around 400 issues through selling only 8,012 issues.

Again not too bad...but the series continues to drop in sales with each subsequent issue.

Maybe it has to do with readers choice of monsters? Certainly some will continue to be more fan favorites then others.

It'll be interesting to see how issue #4 comes about, as that one features not one but TWO Godzilla villains through Hedorah and MechaGodzilla.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

10 Things I Learned: Godzilla, the makers of the newly released Godzilla (The Criterion Collection) Blu-Ray, have posted an article where the author lists the 10 things he learned while watching this new release.

It's a pretty good slideshow of the intricate details involved within the making of this movie, along with discussions about its overall theme.

A lot of the stuff described...any major Godzilla fan already knows about (such as Godzilla standing as a metaphor for the atomic bomb).

But some items described such as the amazing matte paintings utilized to transform various backgrounds...great stuff.

Just look at this following shot:

I never knew the level of detail that went into some of these shots!

Here's how author describes it:

Having been weaned on special-effects spectaculars (and not-so-spectaculars), I tend to spot FX shots, whether I want to or not, pretty easily. Even so, I had no idea this image from Godzilla was a composite of actors on location in the foreground and a matte-painted sea in the background. (On the left is a still image from the original location footage—notice the trees in the background—and on the right is the final image, with the matte composited where those trees once stood.)

Great stuff!

In any case here's the original link that I highly recommend everyone to check out: 10 Things I Learned: Godzilla

Also if you haven't picked up the film yet has a great link for it at a reduced price below.


'Godzilla' Hamilton cell tower plans dropped

Who knew that in this day and age people could rise up to a Godzilla sized project and still win?

A while back in September I had mentioned that a cell tower was planning to be built in Hamilton, NJ.

Such a tower would have measured over 160 feet tall, dominating the landscape so much that neighbors were already calling it "Godzilla".

(You can find my original article on this here).

Well come a few months later and those plans have suddenly reversed...with no official explanation given by the developer yet.

Everyone suspects though that the public outcry by surrounding neighbors, along with various letters to public officials and even talk of lawsuits, was enough for the developer to switch gears.

Power to the people over Godzilla?

Maybe, although this is a classic case of N.I.M.B.Y or Not In My Back Yard.

It's the classic scenario where neighbors will protest anything the minute it starts happening in their neighborhood...but if it's happening in someone else's they could care less.

For the full article on this updated news please go here: Godzilla Hamilton cell tower plans dropped

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Outside the Box: "The Avengers" Trailer

All of a sudden THIS looks like the film to beat this summer!

Amazing stuff, with team action sequences most comic book fans have been yearning to see for YEARS now.

The scene with The Hulk saving an ailing Iron Man just makes my day!

Spider-Man and Batman who?

Plus Scarlett has never looked so hotter. Definitely a big draw for me right there.

If you haven't checked out the trailer yet (what are you living under a rock) check it out above!

Take Godzilla 101 at the Hungry Brain

Who knew that Godzilla movies had so much depth in them?

Well some people think so, which is why two groups called "Homeroom Chicago" and the "Japanese American Service Committee" are teaming up to present an in-depth analysis on various Godzilla related items.

Coupled with special guests, slide-shows, questions and answers and yes even film clips, it looks to be a great time.

If you're in Chicago during March 13th then feel free to join this discussion at the "Hungry Brain", a social location for "informal lecture and discussion series' in which enthusiasts explore sub-culture and pop in front of a drinking crowd", whatever that means hehe.

Personally I think it's another excuse for people to get out and drink, but when it involves Godzilla then that's the extra cherry right there!

For further info on this presentation check out this site here: Godzilla 101: The Birth of an Atomic Monster

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Godzilla Image of the Day

****Credit goes to for this image****

Awww doesn't he look so sad?

I'd pick up Godzilla, but then again I don't have a spare S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier hanging around my garage.

Fight of the Day: Godzilla vs The Joker

In one corner is the King of Monsters himself, Godzilla!

In the other corner is the Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker!

Who will win this bout?!

Yes yes yes I can hear the argument now, how can The Joker even possibly fight Godzilla? Wouldn't this last no more than a few seconds before there's one crispy clown?

Well let's suppose that somehow, someway, somewhere the Joker happens to run into Godzilla. He may be committing his latest grandiose crime when out of the Gotham Harbor comes the King of Monsters!

Seeing that this giant lizard is now interfering with his work (the audacity!) the Joker decides to make things personal.

I know this may sound like a joke (get it hehe?) but I seriously think that the Joker would give Godzilla more of a run than anticipated.

I mean this villain still manages to evade Batman throughout multiple escapades, and this is freaking Batman we're talking about here!

As such I would imagine the fight to somehow go like this:

Seeing that size does matter the Joker would quickly either take out one of his gangsters' bazookas, or even pull out that extra extra extra long gun from Batman 1989 and aim at Godzilla's eyes.

But the key with The Joker is to expect the unexpected.

Instead of explosives that wouldn't really hurt Godzilla...there will probably be some acidic compound (The Joker is after all an expert at chemistry) that would blind him for a long time.

And as Godzilla stumbles back in pain and confusion he may hit an electrical pole and roar in pain.

Sensing a weakness The Joker may decide to aim his normal gun at various electrical poles surrounding Godzilla, shooting at enough wires to have them fall and electrocute him.

The more Godzilla moves...the more poles The Joker now has to aim at!

Then as Godzilla temporarily falls onto a building to rest The Joker would pull his greatest trick yet.

He'd climb that building and emerge next to Godzilla's head...with a simple can of spray paint.

Then he'd giggle and laugh as he spray-paints one giant mustache on Godzilla!

At that point Godzilla awakens and opens his mouth, and as The Joker hangs onto one teeth and quotes what a big mouth Godzilla has, one blast of his radioactive breath finishes The Joker as he dies laughing.

So Godzilla was obviously going to win in the end, but not without The Joker getting the ultimate joke on him!

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Top 5 Greatest Godzilla Villains

A couple of weeks back I had created a YouTube video dedicated to what I consider to be the top 5 monsters within the Godzilla franchise.

For reference I had listed them as:

1) King Ghidorah
2) Super X
3) Destoroyah
4) Biollante
5) Anguirus

(To see that video in its entirety please go here). has now compiled their own list of the Top 5 Greatest Godzilla Villains, and they go as:

1) MechaGodzilla
2) King Ghidorah
3) Mothra
4) Biollante
5) Orga

Hmm...interesting list, but I fail to see why King Ghidorah was not placed at the top.

He remains (by far!) Godzilla's archenemy, and one of the most powerful villains Godzilla has ever faced (barring Destoroyah).

In fact it usually takes a team-up with another monster for Godzilla to even take him down, which goes to show what kind of respect that monster gets.

In any case here's the original which include the reasons why those monsters were placed as they were: The 5 Greatest Godzilla Villains

Speaking of which, what would you consider to be the Top 5 monsters within the Godzilla franchise?

Feel free to post your comments below for everyone to share and discuss!

Godzilla Legends #4 preview

Just released last week, I'm posting some preview images of the Godzilla Legends #4 comic in case you haven't picked it up yet.

(If this doesn't convince you to buy the comic I don't know what will).

Everything looks fantastic!

The artwork by E.J. Su is amazing! It conveys some amazing detail while also emphasizing the scope of each monster.

The cover art looks spectacular.

Plus it's great to see the return of Hedorah, one of the most original Godzilla monsters ever!

What more could anyone ask for?


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Godzilla Image of the Day

****Credit goes to Mikedastardly for this image****

Just a friendly reminder to everyone that when you go to place your votes this coming November, please vote for Godzilla...

...or ELSE.

A candidate for the people, by the people, stomping on the people.

Reasonable Remakes: Godzilla: A Retrospective has a monthly/weekly column dedicated to reviewing movies geared towards future remakes, and this week they've focused on "Godzilla", the 1998 movie that, to this day, still sparks a hot debate between Godzilla fans everywhere.

The author of this article takes a VERY negative tone towards this movie, calling it "one of the worst remakes ever made".

He also feels that the symbolic message felt throughout the original film is lost here in order to make a "cheesy monster flick".

He also has big problems with the casting of Matthew Broderick as the main hero, as the actor's former comedic roles like in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" fail to add the seriousness that this movie should have had.

And other stuff in his article, which I've included the link here: Reasonable Remakes: Godzilla: A Retrospective

Good points...but still a little too extreme in my opinion.

Despite the faults that the film had, and the extreme liberties it took towards redesigning the monster, it's certainly not one of the worst remakes of all time.

Devlin and Emmerich set this movie out to be a big budget summer blockbuster, and in that regard it paid off in spades.

(In fact one can find all of my thoughts on this film through my official Youtube review here).

For better or for worse the movie still has an impact with audiences...enough for Emmerich to openly state that it's the film he gets most asked about by his fans...enough for Columbia Pictures to release both a Monster Edition and a Blu-Ray version...enough for Legendary Pictures to decide this past investment is still a worthwhile venture.

One last thing too...I still think Maria Pitillo was the major HOTNESS in this film.

I had such a huge teenage crush on her when the film came out, as these pics below showcase why.