Friday, March 23, 2012

A Spring Break for your budget (Godzilla 1998 set visits) has a great article highlighting many budget-conscious trips one can do in Hawaii.

Such an item includes this intriguing piece:

"Kualoa Ranch – This is the site of “Jurassic Park,” “50 First Dates” and “Godzilla.” With a valid Hawai‘i driver’s license, the movie sites tour is available for only $19. Horseback riding begins at $59 for an hour."

Neat! So apparently one can visit the location that the 1998 Godzilla filmed on and take pictures and so forth.

And as an added bonus maybe even find the locations Spielberg shot for "Jurassic Park"

For reference this is the scene/location one would be visiting from the movie:

Great stuff!

Here the original article for further info: A Spring Break for your budget

Matt Frank to headline Chimaeracon 2012

If you're in San Antonio, TX this coming April 6th to the 8th, then you're in luck as fan-favorite Godzilla artist Matt Frank will be headlining the 2012 Chimaeracon.

Here's how the convention is described within their official website:

Chimaeracon is a South Texas festival for Gamers, Sci-Fi enthusiasts and Anime fans. Come and enjoy video games, miniatures, card games, RPGs, live action role play and much more. Join discussion panels, participate in the costume contest, and hang out with people interested in Gaming, Sci-Fi and Anime.

Sounds like a blast!

Matt is of course on a recent hot streak with his Godzilla work.

Creating some of the most intriguing cover artwork within multiple IDW issues, he was also given his own issue within the recent "Godzilla: Legends" series.

Here's the official link for more info on the location and the costs involved:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters #12 Rankings

And so it looks like the final issue within this inaugural Godzilla IDW series has come and gone.

...time to see how it ranked overall!

If you recall issue #11 came in at 177th place with 8,676 issues sold.

Issue #12 results have now come in...and it dropped down to 198th place with...drumroll please...more drumrolls....even more drumrolls...8,509 issues sold.

So anyone hoping for the last issue to go out with a bang...unfortunately things didn't work out that way.

Overall sales for the series were good. Not great but definitely steady.

It illustrated to IDW how strong Godzilla fans remain, as it looks like in most cases they stuck it out to the very end.

No doubt this helped influence IDW to continue their Godzilla licensing by adding that new series in May!

Godzilla #2 info

Good news!

IDW has just released some advance info on issue #2 of this new Godzilla series, which is set to debut in June.

Release: June, 2012
Writer: Duane Swierczynski
Artist: Simon Gane
Boxer is ready to settle the score with Godzilla, and assembles his "Monster Kill Crew," a group of highly-trained weirdos, each with their own private grudge against the kaiju. As we get to know these mercenaries the team stocks up on all the equipment they'll need to take down their first bounty—ANGUIRUS!

* Covers by Zach Howard and Matt Frank

So it looks like fan favorite Anguirus is going to kick things off!

No doubt he'll be much harder to catch (than anticipated) for the group.

He may be a little runt compared to the other kaijus...but Anguirus sure knows how to make a battle last!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Godzilla: Legends TPB info

Set to debut in June, IDW will release the fan-favorite "Godzilla: Legends" TPB onto stores everywhere.

I love love love this series, and found it to be a refreshing way to introduce past Godzilla villains to new readers.

What I ESPECIALLY loved is that each issue remains a stand-alone.

No more hunting 5 to 10 more issues just to get the complete story...each issue IS one!

Other publishers have a lot to learn on comic book readers are getting tired of having to buy extra issues left and right...but that's for another article.

In any case here's the info related to upcoming TPB, one that I HIGHLY recommend everyone to get!

Matt Frank, Jeff Prezenkowski, John Vankin, Mike Raicht, Chris Mowry, & Bobby Curnow (w) • Matt Frank, Simon Gane, Tony Parker, EJ Su, & Dean Haspiel (a) • Art Adams (c)

Focusing on Godzilla's fearsome rogues gallery, each story shines a light on a kaiju that has never before been the center of a comic book story. These stories delve into the minds of Anguirus, Rodan, Titanosaurus, Hedorah, and Kumonga to bring the TOHO universe to life!

TPB • FC • $19.99 • 128 pages • ISBN 978-1-61377-223-2

Bullet points:
• This collection also includes an incredible cover gallery by legendary Godzilla artists Chris Scalf, Bob Eggleton, and Art Adams!

Godzilla Actor of the Day (Matthew Broderick)

Since today is Matthew Broderick's birthday, what better way to celebrate than to honor him with an "Actor of the Day" column.

Matthew is of course no stranger to American audiences.

Having acted since his younger years, he's made a staple for himself through many memorable films.

Whether it's high drama like the revered Civil War film "Glory", to the still frightfully real "War Games", to his star-making role in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", and many others, there's virtually no corner in filmmaking that his career hasn't touched.

Even the much maligned "The Cable Guy" still held praises for Matthew's acting.

In the sci-fi world he is most remembered for his role within the 1998 blockbuster "Godzilla", which had originally been seen as a trilogy for his "Dr. Niko Tatopoulos" character.

I remember reading that he came across this role because both Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin had actively pursued him several times before.

He was originally wanted for the main role that James Spader played within "Stargate", as well as the role that Jeff Goldblum played role within "Independence Day".

It seems like the third time was the charm as the main scientist role within "Godzilla" was specifically written just for Matthew, and he accepted.

I don't recall him ever stating if he was a true fan of Godzilla, or if he was even bummed out that the sequels never came to be.

More than likely this was just another "movie role" for him...i.e. another paycheck.

Still I felt he played his character in a memorable manner. You could instantly root for this poor guy as he found himself in these fish-out-of-water scenarios.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Godzilla Image of the Day

Apparently these are all of the sprites that constitute Godzilla within Godzilla: Domination for the GameBoy Advance.

(I've never played the game before, even though I have a GameBoy Advance. I may just order it soon if the price is right).

Interesting to see them all in one place...broken down like this.

It makes you realize how basic most games are...that they're really nothing more than a sum of images quickly flashing one after the other.

But through the fluid motion of animation it looks it's something else.

Of course video on a GameBoy Advance is leagues more primitive then what's found in today's games, but the concept is still there.

Still an interesting set of images to display.

Matt Frank’s ‘Godzilla’ No. 2 cover art has been given an advance preview to another great Godzilla cover by artist Matt Frank.

Look at how beautiful that looks!

To debut with issue #2 of the newest IDW ongoing series "Godzilla", this cover features Godzilla and the all new series character "Boxer".

Interestingly enough this was actually going to be the cover to issue #1...but for whatever reason IDW replaced it with a painted cover.

It's not all bad news for Matt though, as IDW Editor Bobby Curnow has promised to have Matt produce covers for every issue thereafter!

Great stuff!

Here's the original article for full info on this issue, along with Matt's upcoming comic book convention appearance: Matt Frank's Godzilla No 2 Cover Art

Monday, March 19, 2012

Lucky Dragon's lethal catch

It's interesting that I was just chronicling the "Lucky Dragon's" fateful day during my last video (which you can see here)...and now this article comes out from

They go over the day the "Lucky Dragon" boat came across the Hydrogen Bomb, and how it would kill at least one of its crew members, and bring many others perilously close to death.

There are some harrowing first account descriptions stated here:

"At 6.45 a.m. on Monday, March 1, 1954, the sky was still dark. What happened then is described in "The Day the Sun Rose in the West," a first-hand account by then 20-year-old crewman Matakichi Oishi that was published in 2011.

He writes: "A yellow flash poured through the porthole. Wondering what had happened, I jumped up from the bunk near the door, ran out on deck and was astonished. Bridge, sky and sea burst into view, painted in flaming sunset colors ... ""

And also this:

"As Oishi writes: "The top of the cloud spread over us. ... Two hours passed. ... white particles were falling on us, just like sleet. The white particles penetrated mercilessly — eyes, nose, ears, mouth. We had no sense that it was dangerous.""

Lots of bad things happening all at once.

The U.S. government not realizing the full extent of the blast...a ship straying too close to the "safety zone" border, crew members not knowing about radiation and what it can do...the U.S. Government initially denying any wrongdoing for security purposes...yikes.

All of this is also described within the newest Godzilla Criterion Blu-Ray, as it was this story that served as the inspiration for "Gojira", so be sure to check that out too.

In any case here's the original article for all of the details: Lucky Dragon's Lethal Catch

105 movie sequels currently in the works has the mother of all articles highlighting 105 sequels currently in the works!

A lot of those listed are no brainers.

"Mission Impossible 5", "Paranormal Activity 4", "Rise of the Planet of the Apes 2", these are automatic sequels to their original films.

They made a lot of money...they have identifiable characters ready for future films...audiences still care about them, etc.

Win-win for everybody involved.

What surprised me though is the mention of "Monsters 2".

This is the first I've ever heard of a sequel being made to Gareth Edwards' original self-financed film.

Here's what they have to say about the sequel:

"Gareth Edwards, who last we heard was still circling the Godzilla reboot, won't be returning to direct the follow-up to his brilliant low-budget sci-fi flick, Monsters. Instead, he's set to take an executive producer credit, with Brent Bonacorso and Jesse Atlas down to direct instead. No sign of any dates yet, though."

I'm surprised because while the original made some small money compared to its micro-budget, it still wasn't something to automatically guarantee a sequel.

In any case how would this news affect Legendary Picture's "Godzilla"?

I don't know how Gareth Edwards is going to do it...because now this would mark a third film he is currently working on.

Besides "Godzilla" there's that other mysterious sci-fi movie involving robots and a Star Wars feel (you can read more about that here).  And now this?

While he's not going to direct this "Monsters" sequel...he's still a producer and that takes additional time and effort.

At least in my own opinion it's bad to stretch oneself so thin. Projects will ultimately lose creativity when full support is not readily available.

It seems all the rage now that everyone is trying to mimic Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams in this regard. They probably have 15 projects attached to their name...and probably another two by the time I finish this sentence.

The difference is that they utilize their own companies for each project, so they have a "bone to hunt" with each one...meaning they take on more direct responsibilities to ensure that things succeed...or it's their own money lost.

Last I heard Gareth Edwards had none of this...but that doesn't necessarily mean he's going to automatically do a bad job.

In any case here's the original article for further info on all of these other sequels: 105 movie sequels currently in the works

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mr. AC Casino: Godzilla invades Atlantic City through new slot machines

Another day another set of news related to the Godzilla Casino game.

(For the full listing on the past Godzilla Casino stories, go here).

It seems like the Godzilla casino game "Godzilla on Monster Island" is proving to be so popular, it's debuting at a new set of casinos.

The Borgata, Golden Nugget and Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City will all now feature the game!

This is great news as the game is surely resonating with fans and casual goers, enough so that three new casinos have ordered for it.

I'll be going to Las Vegas later on this year and one of the first things I will do is hunt down this game and hopefully post a video.

(I still don't know if recording such things are legal in Las Vegas, so I'll see).

In any case here's a great recap video on what the game entails.


10 Worst Science Fiction Movie Remakes of All Time has another great article, this one highlighting the "10 Worst Science Fiction Movie Remakes of all Time".

(Who knew there were even enough titles to make up such a list...but there they are).

They've added who the "culprits" are within each listing, along with the reasons the films have so much hatred.

Included within this list are Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes, The Stepford Wives (pictured), The Day the Earth Stood Still and others.

This also includes none other than the 1998 Godzilla film, which they have to state the following:

The culprit: Roland Emmerich.
Why the hate? Emmerich and the world's most famous Kaiju, joining forces, ought to have been a slam dunk. Emmerich loves the mass destruction, and he's generally pretty good with big effects sequences. The main problem is the crappy CG monster, that doesn't look anything like the real Godzilla. Plus all of the human characters in the movie are unengaging — and this is the second strike for Matthew Broderick, after Stepford. Most of all, the action is boringly staged.

Now I still think the CGI was pretty good, and in some shots (particularly the fish-eating scene) they look photo realistic.

Plus the notion that the action was "boringly staged" is horribly wrong. Great action pieces throughout the film, including an amazing initial first attack on Godzilla, and the final chase scene between Godzilla and the heroes.

In any case here's the original article for the full list. 10 Worst Science Fiction Movie Remakes of all Time

By the way Nicole Kidman is insanely hot. I believe the hottest she's ever looked was in the Batman Forever.