Friday, April 20, 2012

20 of the biggest sci-fi cinema disappointments of the last 20 years is at it again, this time creating another great list that showcases the 20 biggest sci-fi disappointments in the last 20 years.

They have some worthy mentions such as The Island of Dr. Moreau (promising story that was executed badly), Alien: Resurrection (filmed like a joke), The Matrix Reloaded (one of the best ways to muddle things with pointless directions) and others.

Included in the list is the 1998 Godzilla movie, which they have this to state:

"Another film that exchanged charm for swanky special effects, Roland Emmerich’s appropriation of Toho’s kaiju classic felt more like a collision of disparate scripts rather than a cohesive story. Starting in the conventional giant monster vein, with a nuclear-embiggenned giant lizard cromulently wrecking boats at sea before turning its attention to Manhattan, Godzilla then changes gear into a Jurassic Park-style battle against smaller lizards hatching from eggs. 

Fans of the Japanese Godzilla movies railed against the decision to make the monster a female, as well as the filmmakers’ repeated uses of night shoots and heavy rain to hide the beast from view, but these are the least of the movie’s problems - it’s its lack of characters or human spark that makes it such forgettable summer fodder. 

The story goes that Monsters director Gareth Edwards will be directing a new Godzilla movie for Legendary Pictures. If it can capture the spirit of the Japanese movies, we’ll be very happy people."

Good points altogether, although I still feel that the movie never set out to be a Godzilla-movie-of-the-old.

It was made from its own slice of pie, which is why there's still so much discontent from Godzilla fans expecting a remake of the original.

In any case here's the original article: 20 of the Biggest Sci-Fi Cinema Disapointments of the last 20 years


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Godzilla on reminder

Just a quick reminder to everybody that Godzilla continues to be large and in charge over at!

They still have no less than 8 of his films there, ranging from films like "Godzilla 2000", "Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla II", "Godzilla: Final Wars", and so on.

As long as you don't mind a commercial kicking in every 10 minutes or so then everything is cool.

Again you can find the incredible link to all of this here: Godzilla movies


The top 50 robots and AI computers in the movies has a really cool article highlighting the top 50 robots and AI computers in movies.

Ranging from Bubo the mechanical owl in Clash of the Titans, to SICO from Rocky IV, to Skynet from all of the Terminator films, it's got it all.

Coming in at number 41 is Godzilla from the original Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla!

Here's what they have to state about his inclusion:

"A great and literal example of a ‘Mirror Villain’, a baddie who represents and twists all that makes our hero good. MechaGodzilla is one of my favourite monsters, mainly because he’s as powerful as the big G, and normally can only be taken down by two or more guys helping Godzilla. He’s got a rainbow coloured laser beam that shoots out of his mouth, a spinning head, and missiles in his fingers and toes. He’s also made of space titanium, which as everyone knows is the best kind of titanium.

Most importantly though, he is a worthy foe for Godzilla, the type of threat which the films needed in order to put a real sense of danger and jeopardy in them. And for that, MechaGodzilla fully deserves his place amongst the elite."

So true, so true.

What Venom is to Spider-Man, what the Red Skull is to Captain America, what Joker is the Batman, all equal opposites of each other, MechaGodzilla is to Godzilla.

For the full top 50 list check out their website here: The Top 50 Robots and AI Computers in the Movies

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Godzilla #3 info

IDW has just released new info on issue #3 of the newest Godzilla series "Godzilla", this one set to be released in July.

Without further ado here it is:

Duane Swierczynski (w) • Simon Gane (a) • Zach Howard, Matt Frank (c)

Boxer and his Monster Kill Crew are notching some impressive victories against the kaiju, but a battle with Battra almost puts the team down for the count. The Crew decides it's time to upgrade their fire-power, but questionable methods lead to division in the ranks. With his sights set on Godzilla, Boxer will have to get his team in line—fast!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

*Variant covers: Jeff Zornow cover!

Bullet points:
Warning: This issue contains multiple-monster mayhem!

Sounds like a blast!

Godzilla Image of the Day

What you're looking at is some very very very early concept art of Godzilla from the 1998 film.

(This is probably the first concept ever produced for the film).

One can see how radically different this design was from the final product, which in of itself was radically different from the original suit.

In this pic his legs resemble that of an ostrich more than anything else, with his rigged spines noticeably absent and his body much more thin, elongated and agile.

Ultimately I'm glad that the producers decided to go with something other than this.

This is just WAY too far out there from what we know of Godzilla.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Godzilla drink

What you're looking at is the "Godzilla" drink currently available at the Plan Check restaurant/bar in Los Angeles.

This picture also showcases the barman making the drink himself, which in of itself is quite an art.

A colorful looking drink, it consists of Pisco porton, midori, orgeat, lemon, lime all wrapped into one.

Personally I'm not a drinker (I've never liked the taste of alcoholic drinks) so I wouldn't know what's good or bad...but according to the reviewer at it was definitely one of their favorites.

If Godzilla were a drinker I'm sure he would make this a regular too!

In any case the green tint is certainly the selling point, and for those interested in hearing more about this and the bar's location you can find it here. Checking out Plan Check

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Godzilla: About The Production has a VERY detailed article highlighting the production behind the 1998 Godzilla film.

You're going to want to grab some popcorn while you sit down for this one because it's a doozy!

I'm still finishing reading this article and it's been a while since I first started!

It pretty much chronicles EVERYTHING that went on within the blockbuster film...exactly what one would find within your average "making of" film series book except without the pictures.

I thought I would share it with anyone here who wanted to learn what went on behind the production, for better or for worse.

The only criticism I have about the article is that the ENTIRE background is all black against white letters...which can really hurt ones eyes after just a few moments.

As such I recommend everyone to copy and paste the words onto your own Word Document, that way you can read it unobstructed.

Enjoy! Godzilla: About the Production

Godzilla Toy of the Day

Standing a proud 6 inches tall, it's the "Jet Jaguar 6" Action Figure - From Godzilla Movie Monster Series" that makes today's list for "Toy of the Day"!

One of the few allies in the Godzilla world, Jet Jaguar is presented here in remarkable detail by toy maker Bandai.

Perfectly capturing his look and robotic feel, this toy is a great reproduction of the one-time ally from the "Godzilla Vs Megalon" film.

Now that this film has been rereleased onto both DVD and Blu-Ray, this is a great opportunity to make any Jet Jaguar fan happy by completing their collection with this!

I love how this toy is handpainted!

Every ridge looks perfectly aligned with each paint color, not like the usual misses one finds within other comparably priced toys.

The metallic hue is also perfect!