Friday, April 27, 2012

Wilmington On DVDs: Godzilla

Even though he's a little late to the game, Mike Wilmington has a pretty decent review of the recently released Godzilla on Blu-Ray.

In it he talks about what influenced Director Ishiro Honda towards making this film, and how the American version is still a very good success in it's own right.

Here's a good example of what Mike has to say:

Kurosawa has said that the secret (or sometimes not so secret) subtext of all his movies is the paranoia of the nuclear age, and Honda could say the same thing — especially of Godzilla. The movie’s inspiration came from a real-life nuclear accident: the irradiation of a huge area around the American H-Bomb test site at Bikini Atoll, and the poisonings and deaths of Japanese fishermen on the trawler Lucky Dragon Number 5, which had strayed into the danger zone. Godzilla begins with a virtual recreation of that incident, with monster instead of radiation. And the clear implication is that we can take the monster attack as a metaphor for nuclear poisoning — even though the movie’s Godzilla has apparently been around for a while. Soon the humongous lizard-being is invading islands, attacking more sea craft, and edging closer and closer to his Grand March on Tokyo — a metropolis that he can, impressively, find without the aid of maps or compass.

As you can see it's pretty straight-forward while adding in his own mix of humor.

And like most movie critics he finds a way to tie this in with himself hehe.

If you're interested in checking out his review you'll find it here: Wilmington on DVDs Pick of the Week Classics Box Sets Godzilla

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Godzilla Image of the Day

****Credit again goes to for this great image****
What Tokyo's usual weather schedule looks like. 

Too funny!

Just be sure not to be in town on Tuesday!

Godzilla Legends #5 Rankings

Well it looks like the results are out for the last issue in this spectacular series. Let's see how it did!

Last time issue #4 had come in at 226th place with 7,455 issues sold, which I'm still certain is the lowest selling issue of any IDW Godzilla series yet.

Now the final issue has come in at...203rd place, a nice bump up from before...but it still sold 7,497 issues.

Just a hair's difference from last month!

So at least this final issue didn't sell any less, but it didn't go out with any bang either.

In any case I still loved this series, and HIGHLY recommend any Godzilla fan to pick it up asap.

You'll find the appropriate link just below here.

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Top Ten Godzilla Monsters (That Aren't Godzilla)

Here's yet another top ten list, this one from where they chronicle the "Top Ten Godzilla Monsters that aren't Godzilla".

(Not exactly sure why they added the "that aren't Godzilla" part...but whatever).

They include the usual suspects such as Rodan, Mothra, Destoroyah, etc.

Finally though a list gets it right as to who is number 1...none other than King Ghidorah!

Here's what they have to state about his ranking:

Three heads, gold skin, the strongest and most prevalent of all of Godzilla's enemies. Ghidorah is a monster so powerful that in Destroy All Monsters it took ten monsters to defeat him, including Big G. No other monster on this list can claim that. Sure, some of the monsters happened to be Anguirus, and minor threats like Kumonga, but it counts! Ghidorah comes from space, like Gigan, but he's way more powerful. He's appeared in six Godzilla films, not including Keizer Ghidorah in Final Wars. 

Why is this monster so awesome? Could it be the fact that he's a three-headed golden dragon? Could it be the fact he shoots lightning from his mouths? The answer is yes. Ghidorah is the ultimate Godzilla villain and it usually takes more than one monster to defeat him. If you do manage to defeat him, good luck because he'll probably come back stronger or with an ally. My favorite version is the Heisei version, because then we get Mecha-Ghidorah. Two dragon heads, one robot head, lots of destruction.

Yes yes yes to all of the above!

King Ghidorah deserves to be top of any monster list.

He is the biggest, strongest, meanest one out there, and if Legendary Pictures does things right they'll save him for the final part of any upcoming Godzilla trilogy.

For the original article check it out here: The Top Ten Godzilla Monsters (That Aren't Godzilla)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Godzilla vs Hedorah Revisit has a great article highlighting their revisit to the classic Godzilla film "Godzilla Vs Hedorah".

This was of course the movie that featured fan-favorite kaiju "The Smog Monster", one of the most unusual and original villains Godzilla had ever faced.

Even though he only has one movie to his credit (two if you consider his super-brief cameo in "Godzilla - Final Wars" to be another appearance), to this day Hedorah has remained a staple within other formats such as comic books, games, toys, etc.

In any case the website chronicles their criticism/love for this movie.

They felt it was too goofy in some circumstances while in others the movie shined, such as the fight between Godzilla and Hedorah.

And of course who can forget Godzilla flying through the air thanks to his atomic breath!

I still have a suspicion that if Legendary Pictures goes with a monster in their upcoming "Godzilla" film, it's probably going to be Hedorah.

He just seems the most circumstantial considering the audience/environment this movie would target.

Here's the review in its entirety: Godzilla vs Hedorah Revisit

Godzilla Image of the Day

****Credit goes to for this image****
Great looking picture!

It reminds me of the usual endings within a Godzilla movie, where he sombers off into the sea after defeating the latest evil monster.

 Great stuff!