Friday, July 6, 2012

Outside the Box: Dredd motion poster

How cool is this!

Like most comic book fans I still have a liking for the Judge Dredd character.

Like Batman on steroids with a mixture of the Punisher, he remains one of my favorite comic book characters.

There's just something about his finality...that he is the judge, jury and (in a LOT of cases) the executioner that seems to fill a hole within the comic book world.

There's no negotiating with second reprieve.

It's a black and white world with him and you're either a lawful citizen or not.

That's why I'm ultra-excited that a new film is coming out towards the end of this year!

I liked the Judge Dredd (yes, I said it) because it was as simple of a comic book movie as needed. It didn't take itself too seriously because in the Dredd do so would bring a mockery of sorts.

I mean we're talking about clones and flying bikes and giant robots and desert cannibals all rolled up into one film! How can you attempt to make that into a "Dark Knight" movie of sorts?

Even then I'm curious as to where this new film is heading, as it looks to be a pumped-up version of Die Hard set in the future...and that isn't exactly a bad thing.

In any case check out the trailer below to see what I mean. Hopefully you'll be excited for this as I am!:

Plus it has the super-sexy Lena Headey, which in my book can be in as many movies as she'd like.

Godzilla Video of the Day

Cloudy with a chance of Godzilla?

Godzilla headbutting a super-global storm out of the way?

If only we could be so lucky!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Godzilla Presenting at 2012 Comic Con? And movie title talk

Here I go over all the latest news related to Godzilla being present at the SDCC 2012, and I also discuss my own thoughts on what the movie's title should be.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Outside the Box: "Prometheus" review

I had mentioned to everyone a few days back that I was going to see Prometheus this weekend...well low and behold I saw it and I actually enjoyed it. 

Now first things first...yes the movie frustratingly leaves many unanswered questions.

If it sought out to be riddle wrapped in a question, then job well done to the filmmakers.

No doubt much of it (if any) will be answered in the upcoming sequels.

However...this is actually part of the appeal that I had with the film.

I enjoy a good mystery as it becomes second nature to solve something that initially wasn't presented wrapped in a bow.

Up until the sequel comes out it'll be fun to guess what certain scenes were about, such as the introduction featuring that pale-alien, or the actions taken by David the android, or even the whereabouts of the final "survivors".

And I strongly felt that it nicely tied in with the Alien franchise while still taking things to a whole new course.

I really liked this concept because after so many Aliens and Predator movies...the franchise was honestly getting a little stretched out. It was wise to go in a new avenue while still utilizing the ideology behind the movie that started it all.

The acting was top-notch.

Even the cheesier lines like "I think it was part of a military compound to house weapons of mass destruction" could have been said in so many wrong ways...and yet it (and other lines) still worked out somehow.

I loved the visual effects, enjoyed the music, and the direction was good.

HOWEVER...and this is big however...if any sequels come about some of the first movie's questions HAVE to answered. 

I will not forgive so many questions left hanging.

Overall 4/5 stars from me, and I highly recommend everyone to give it a try and see for yourself!

Of course it never hurts to have one of the beautiful women in the world throughout most of the movie too.

With bike and GPS, Canton man makes Godzilla art

What you're looking at is a really cool art concept created by artist Michael Wallace.

Essentially what he does is create "GPS art".

Setting his GPS device to record his travels through a city by bike, this essentially creates a black line on a map.

Well much like the concept of those "Etch A Sketch" drawings, if he plans it carefully enough he can actually create an image!

See how he created one of King Ghidorah using this concept!

If you'd like to see more of his artwork, including one of Godzilla fighting Mothra, check out this website which further describes how he does it:

With bike and GPS, Canton man makes Godzilla art