Friday, August 3, 2012

Outside the Box: Silent Hill Revelations Trailer

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I have been waiting years for a sequel to the amazing Silent Hill film.

I loved that movie, have seen it at least half a dozen times, really really hoped that a sequel would eventually get made...and now here it is!

If you haven't seen the original Silent Hill movie with Radha Mitchell...where have you been?!

Check it out right now on Redbox or Netflix or Amazon or wherever you can so that you can catch up on one of the best psychological horror films ever.

That'll prepare you for this upcoming sequel...which based on the images above looks to encapsulate everything that made the original so good!


What's that...a sexy Radha Mitchell pic...sure no problem.

If I may present...MechaGodzilla's origins!

Well not exactly...but one can certainly see MechaGodzilla at the earliest stages here.

How cool is this!

A 13 foot tall robot that can be controlled by a smartphone.

Tell me that this will eventually not lead to a giant robot like MechaGodzilla!

And of course once that happens we'll have the rise of the kaijus to combat against!

As the article from highlights:

"An outfit called Suidobashi Heavy Industry created the diesel-powered robot, named Kuratas, which can go from a low to a high position on wheeled legs and move at a top speed of about 6 mph. Touch controls inside the cockpit allow the pilot to move the arms and body smoothly."

For the full article check it out here: Ginormous armed robot controlled by a phone

Monday, July 30, 2012

Dean Devlin on the recently announced 'Godzilla' reboot: 'I know I screwed up my Godzilla'

Entertainment Weekly has a great article highlighting some choice quotes from Dean Devlin.

Devlin was of course the second half (the other being Roland Emmerich) of the tag-team that created 1998's Godzilla.

Here's what he had to say about the new movie being made by Legendary Pictures and Gareth Edwards:

”I know I screwed up my Godzilla,” he said. “I’d be very happy if they pull it off and do a great one", also stating "“I always wish I had another shot at it,” he added with a wistful grin. “But, listen, Godzilla is something that I grew up loving. We worked hard to go make one. We kind of blew it. I think everyone gets one.”

As one can see Devlin has become humbled by the experience, and it's nice to see someone admit their mistakes rather than unnecessarily blame others.

And he did come close to having a second shot...enough for at least the script treatment to be created but that's it before their rights elapsed.

All in all I still say that this film has its merits.

The designs were looks epic...the action was spectacular...the CGI still holds up today in most just happened to have a different take on Godzilla.

To this day that film remains one of the most popular movies from the team: Emmerich has stated it is his most asked about film from fans (even more than ID4), it grossed enough in Home Video/DVD sales (I think I remember reading around $60 million) to warrant not just a second DVD release but also premiered as one of Sony's first Blu-Rays, it's still constantly being shown on cable channels...

In other words the film still has a lasting impact.

For the full EW article check it out here: Dean Devlin on Godzilla reboot