Sunday, August 5, 2012

This is probably the best-looking Godzilla comic you’ve ever read has a great preview (9 pages!) of the newest Godzilla Half Century War #1 issue.

The writer there has already declared it the "best-looking Godzilla comic ever" considering the hyper-detail that artist James Stokoe is known for.

And based on the images within the preview there's much basis to that claim.

I still haven't picked up the issue as I'm waiting until it gets into TPB, which is something I've been doing lately as I like reading things all at once rather than month by month.

But from what things look like it's definitely going to be a winner!

Here's the synopsis again of this newest title from IDW:

Godzilla: The Half-Century War #1 (of 5) 
James Stokoe (w & a & c) 
Introducing a new and exciting look at Godzilla's reign of destruction, courtesy of Orc Stain creator James Stokoe! The year is 1954 and Lieutnant Ota Murakami is on hand when Godzilla makes first landfall in Japan. Along with his pal Kentaro, Ota makes a desperate gamble to save lives... and in the process begins an obsession with the King of the Monsters that lasts fifty years! Don't miss the first decade in a tale of a lifetime! 
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Variant Frank Teran cover!

And for the full preview follow this link: This is probably the best looking Godzilla comic you've ever read