Thursday, August 16, 2012

Godzilla Video of the Day

Here's a video from the 1998 game Godzilla Generations.

Only released in Japan, the reason I'm including it is because it remains the only major platform game (not counting that Game Boy game) to feature a playable Zilla.

(I could be wrong, so if anyone knows any other platform games that list Zilla please let me know).

I imagine that Sony/Toho had plans to feature him in other games...but once the mark-of-death was placed after the failure of the 1998 film things were never meant to be.

Sorry for the bad audio and lagging within the video...this was actually the best copy I could find of it.

Happy 50th Anniversary King Kong vs. Godzilla!

Did you know what this last week marked?

It's the 50th anniversary of the cult-classic King Kong vs. Godzilla!

It's strange to think know how a movie like that ever got made.

If it would be produced today, not only would it need a $300 million to get the effects right, but you would also need licensing from both Universal Studios and Toho Studios to even begin.

How it was nonchalantly made so easily back then is beyond me.

There were rumors that an amusement park ride featuring these two giants may have been in the works (see this popular post here)...but that's all it remained, some rumors.

In any case here's a great article by Destroyer14 chronicling this major event: Happy 50th Anniversary King Kong vs. Godzilla!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Godzilla Image of the Day

****Credit goes to for this image****
Sorry for the delay in posts folks.

I was out on vacation for the past week and just got back from Washington D.C.

If you've never been I HIGHLY recommend taking a trip there soon.

Lots of places to see, lots of history to absorb, you'll literally spend hours at each location.

One thing I must warn you though...expect to do a LOT of walking. Most of these places are blocks and blocks apart from each other.

In any case here's today's "Image of the Day".

I know I had posted something like this before but this one still looks slightly different.

It's a theoretical cutout of Godzilla to showcase how he looks like inside.

Unfortunately I can't translate what's being transcribed within the pic...but it looks like Godzilla has two hearts? Can anyone else read what that says?

Interesting stuff nonetheless.