Friday, September 7, 2012

Outside the Box: Mario’s Film Folly: The True Story Behind Hollywood’s Biggest Gaming Blunder

I'll say this with unabashed guiltiness...I love the Super Mario Bros. film.

Loved it since it first came out in the 1990's...continue to love it since.

There's just something about its jumbled mess, where it's trying to decide whether it's a kid's/fantasy/sci-fi/adult film that still somehow works.

Despite all its major flaws I can tell you what definitely worked...the outstanding production design!

The Koopa world is truly otherworldly! The sets look amazing! There's never a time where things look like a soundstage.

IMO that's the key to an impactful movie...where it manages to immerse you in its environment and never lets go!

In any case it was a delight to run across this interesting article from

It spills all of the juicy detail on how things went terribly wrong within the film, enough to make star Bob Hoskins declare it the worst movie he's ever worked on!

Oh and did you know that Tom Hanks was originally offered the role of Mario, only for the studio to later fire him?!

To follow all of this detail check out this link here: Mario's film folley: The true story behind hollywood's biggest gaming blunder

Godzilla Trivia of the Day

Did you know...

...that Godzilla 1985 was the very first Godzilla film to be filmed in 1.85:1 ratio!

For non-film geeks 1.85:1 ratio was the way most widescreen movies were filmed since the 1950s (currently replaced with even higher aspect ratios).

So to put it in a better perspective, this was the first Godzilla movie to ever be filmed in widescreen!

Who doesn't love just has that visual impact that instantly tells you you're about to jump into an imaginary world.

It's too bad the film remains unavailable in DVD here in the US, as the only available copies are those ugly VHS tapes with the substandard TV formats.