Sunday, September 9, 2012

Outside the Box: People Who Worked Incredibly Hard to Succeed

For all my Godzilla blog fans who may be on the cusp of entering the work force...or even starting their's a good article that showcases what it takes to succeed.

No it won't be an A to Z blueprint that'll tell you exactly what to do.

But in reading this article, which highlights how certain people became rich and powerful, it's interesting to note a pattern:

Such people generally became a success by working harder than those around them.

It's as simple as that.

Instead of taking short cuts or punching out before the "end of shift", these famous people chose to continue working on themselves and their trade.

Take for example Michael Jordan.

I'm a big fan of his business and sport acumen...he basically stayed at the top by always pushing himself harder.

As the article nicely explains:

"When Jordan first entered the league, his jump shot wasn't good enough. He spent his off season taking hundreds of jumpers a day until it was perfect".

Now think about that.

All those times that Jordan effortlessly triumphed in any basketball game it wasn't because of any natural born talent. It was because he chose to spend time-off perfecting his basketball skills until they were just right.

You'll find more examples in this article highlighting famous CEOs and celebrities.

Again a very good article to read, one that I highly recommend for those wishing to use others' success as examples: People who worked incredibly hard to succeed

Former Godzilla artist teaches art of creating comics

A while back I had written how Godzilla artist Phil Hester was sharing his artistic trade with fellow comic book fans.

(You can find the original article here).

Now another Godzilla artist has joined the club, with former Godzilla artist Jeff Butler teaching comic book art courses at Madison Area Technical College.

For those not in the know Jeff Butler drew the infamous crossover comic Godzilla Vs. Barkley, which featured one of the most outlandish Godzilla fights ever!

Now he's using his talents to teach others how to create/draw comic books, capitalizing on the success comic book movies currently have in Hollywood.

It's always good when an artist gives back to the community like this.

No doubt his course will be a popular one among students, as instead of drawing apples sitting on a window still you can now draw Godzilla!

I'm sure he'll also state that those interested in a comic book career will face a tough road ahead.

Long hours drawing, tough deadlines, low pay per page (unless you're top talent) and hundreds more comic book artists wanting any job can create a pretty cutthroat environment.

In any case here's the link for more info on his course: Class teaches art of creating comics