Thursday, October 25, 2012

Outside the Box: These Unused ‘Jurassic Park IV’ Sketches Will Send You Into A State Of Shock

Can you believe that what you're looking at could have come from Jurassic Park 4!

I have followed this potential sequel for several years now, and just a while back there was word that Spielberg was working on a script for this movie.

Who knew that this script involved dinosaurs like the one you see here!

There was talk that it involved dinosaur DNA being merged with humans, so that the film could have introduced dinosaurs as a specifically bred-army that could hold guns, attack...and even talk?!

Thankfully it looks like these ridiculous ideas were never realized.

The buzz is that once this concept art was introduced to movie execs...people went running to the hills.    They saw how stupid this idea was and the project was pulled.

I still read that Spielberg is working on something else so who knows...we may see something soon when it comes to the Jurassic Park franchise.

I personally wouldn't mind seeing some more movies, just as long as they're done right.

For further horrifying concept art pictures (some of these on Earth did anyone not think that children, the main audience for these films, would not be driven away after seeing these things) check out the link below: Unused Jurassic Park IV sketches

‘Enormous’ Comic Getting Film Adaptation By ‘Trollhunter’ Director

And the kaiju-themed films just keep on coming!

For those tallying the score here's the list of upcoming kaiju movies we have so far: 

- Cloverfield sequel (that'll probably never get made)

- Pacific Rim

- Rampage

- Godzilla (of course!)

And now comes word that a new movie called "Enormous" is being made!

Based on a limited series from Image Comics, it deals with a band of regular people trying to survive in a world overrun with kaiju.

(Personally I would've gone with the name "Monstrous" but oh well).

To be honest I'm not a big fan of Image comics, which is why I haven't picked up this series.

I think Image focuses way too much on making all of their series' as Hollywood pitches, which is why this series only deals with a "band of people" as opposed to a world-wide conflict.

I mean look at the picture can easily tell that whomever created this series is gearing it after "The Walking Dead"!

If there's any good news to this it's that it's being made by Andre Ovredal, who did a pretty good job on his film Trollhunter.

So if you're interested in seeing what this film could be about check out the link below: Enormous Comic Film adaptation

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Godzilla vs. Biollante on DVD and Blu-Ray in the US

Well this is some great news just came out of nowhere!

Courtesy of, apparently we are soon getting Godzilla Vs Biollante both on Blu-Ray and DVD!

Miramax looks to have recognized the upcoming resurgence of Godzilla popularity and will have this classic film out by December 4th.

And the best part is the Blu-Ray will only have a MSRP of $14.99 and the DVD $6.99. So with retailers like later offering further discounts, we could be looking at $5 to $10 prices here!

****UPDATE, has the Blu-Ray starting at only $7.99!  The DVD $4.99****

Perfect Christmas prices!

I've always loved this film!  It was the second Godzilla movie I ever saw, loved the design of Biollante, still think he would make an outstanding villain within any future US film.

Weird how there wasn't any real big build-up leading up to this release.

The Godzilla Criterion Blu-Ray certainly had things rolling months before its debut, now this one drops with only about a month's time of anticipation?

Well any Godzilla re-release is always good news, and here's hoping that "Godzilla 1985" eventually gets the same US treatment.

In any case here's the details on the Blu-Ray/DVD:
- Widescreen 16X9 1:85 (1080p)
- 5.1 DTS Original Japanese Language
- 2.0 DTS Japanese Language
- 1.0 Dolby Digital English Language
- Making of Godzilla vs. Biollante (Standard Definition - English Subtitled)
- Behind the Design
- English translation of on screen text
- English subtitles translated from original Japanese dialogue
- English SDH subtitled to match the English audio track

Does anyone know if "English SDH" means that there will be an English-speaking version of the film?

Here's the original article for further great info: Godzilla vs Biollante Blu-Ray/DVD release

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Outside the Box: My time in Vegas

As promised everyone I'm recapping my recent stay in Las Vegas.

If you've never been before you definitely need to experience it at least once in your lifetime.  This is my second time there and I still haven't visited all of the places.

I'm just going to type this as a quick pro/con guide so that I can give you ideas on what works best and what doesn't while you're there:


-  Visiting separate casinos still gives you a unique experience each time.  It's like visiting new malls, no casino is the same even though they all carry the same type of stuff.

-  There are literally dozens of shows to see in Vegas.  From comedies to magic to musicals to tours, about the only thing not available are plays.  So if you go as a group everybody can enjoy their own tastes no matter what.

-  Everything is literally within walking distance.  That's the beauty of Las Vegas, they purposefully keep everything close so that the money stays near.  Even when it's not, a quick 5 minute shuttle/cab/tram can take care of things.

-  Almost everything is open 24 hours.  Much like being on a cruise, if you have a case of the munchies or feel like entertaining yourself, 04:00 in the morning is just a number.

-  The service is pretty good at any place.  This is because competition is so tight with all manners of merchants all wanting your money.  From hotels to restaurants to shows to even taxis, all are fighting for your dollar and will provide the best service possible to make sure you're happy.

-  The slot machines are pretty fun.  If you don't mind losing every now and then the whole purpose of playing the machines is to have fun.  And they provide a pretty good basis of fun for hours at a time.  I haven't tried any of the card games because you can lose money there QUICK.

-  Do Southwest as your airline flyer.  They're the largest airplane provider in Vegas and have the best prices.  Also do Excalibur as your hotel as they have the best daily rates around while still being in the middle of the strip.

-  Play the "Lord of the Rings" three-ring feature machine.  It pays out the BEST.  I recouped nearly half of my losses on that machine alone and it is hella fun. Also play the "Gold Fishes" game, it always paid out too.


-  Everything costs money, and I mean TOP money.  When you buy your first $4 bottle of water there you'll know what I mean.  Pizza slices are $6 each, sodas are $3 each, buffets are $20 each, everything ads up quickly.  And everybody has to be tipped so you'll be losing $5 here and there pretty quickly.

-  The shows are pretty expensive.  This time around the average show was starting at $50 up per ticket.  Some of the comedy acts I wanted to see were starting at $75 and up, and with service charges and "delivery" and tax they ended up being $95 a ticket, I kid you not.  That's more than Tom Petty tickets!

-  The slot machines seem to have severely tightened their winnings.  Last time I was there I wasn't losing out as much, now winnings were barely there.  It seems like Vegas is losing money at each casino so they're capping on winnings, but unfortunately that creates a bad cycle where the less people win the less likely they'll come back, which means tighter machines and less winnings and the cycle goes on and on.

-  Do not play any of those $1 machines.  I placed over $100 into them and didn't win squat.  Also avoid the "Superman: The Movie" machines and any of the rolling wheels video slots.  They pay nothing and when they do only award about a 1/10 of what you've spent.

As a special notice I wanted to mention that I finally played the "Godzilla" slot machine!

While it is everything that the YouTube videos promised unfortunately it was the tightest game around! I must've spent $60 there and won nothing back!  So play it at your own risk but it was still an all around pretty fun game.  When the bonus round kicks in and I got to fight MechaGodzilla...pure heaven!

Anyways I hope this guide helps.

If anyone has any questions be sure to leave any comments and I'll be happy to respond.

Avengers Cinematographer to work on Godzilla!

Some good news that most sci-fi/comic book websites seem to have skipped over is that the cinematographer on The Avengers, Seamus McGarvey, is hired to work on Godzilla!

Why is this important?

Because a cinematographer's job is making sure that the movie looks right, and based on the work that Seamus did on the Avengers it looks like the Godzilla film is in good hands.

He made the movie look like a perfect geek/comic-book film, with enough of a hybrid fantasy/realism to not take itself too seriously while also dabbing in some fun.

There was a perfect mixture of dark and light colors at play here.

That's the right mix that a film like Godzilla needs.

When one thinks about it the role of a cinematographer is perhaps the most important up-front work around.

If the movie doesn't look right one notices it right away.

It's why movies like Heat, Terminator 2, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, etc., all have such a fantastic look. Their cinematographers literally made them into moving portraits of art.

In any case I only came across this when browsing through some article, which you can find here: Wally Pfister Dark Knight Rises on the Avengers

Monday, October 22, 2012

Outside the Box: ‘Silent Hill: Revelation 3D’ motion poster

Wow only a week left until the latest Silent Hill film comes out in theaters!

I loved the first film, saw it originally in theaters, was freaked out as hell whenever those "grey children" first debuted so it got me right from the start!

I'm so looking forward to this newest film, especially since it looks to resolve the whereabouts of Rose Da Silva (the mom from the first movie, played by the extremely beautiful Radha Mitchell) and the status of the main character Sharon.

To help spread word on the film there's this kickass new motion poster for your viewing pleasure.


Godzilla Half Century War # 1 Rankings

Well well...sorry for the delay again folks.

I just finished taking a week-long vacation in Las Vegas and I'm finally able to catch up on this site.

(I'll post an "Outside the Box" column on my trip soon, great stuff to come).

To help start off my return is some good Godzilla news!

It looks like the numbers are out for the latest Godzilla IDW series, Godzilla Half Century War #1, and things are looking great!

Debuting at #192nd place with 11,010 issues sold, it's a strong start considering how long Godzilla has remained with IDW now. 

Each month there seems to be 2 Godzilla continuing series' and things could easily be petering out.

But it seems like fans are still loyal to the brand and eager for new titles!

I have yet to pick up the title myself because I've moved more to the TPB format...but I can't wait to read this.

Of course it'll be interesting to see how #2 fares out, and I'll report on that soon.