Thursday, November 1, 2012

Outside the Box: 6 Hour Classical Music Playlist by JaBig: Beautiful Piano Mix for Studying, Homework, Essay Writing

Truly a great find.

For those not in the know I'm a huge fan of classical music.

I first time I heard this genre was during middle school and have loved it ever since.

I always have some playing in the background of my main home office, usually either set to my local classical radio station or through some CDs/tapes.

The thing I love most about classical music is that the pieces never get tiring. You can literally play something for an hour and it'll never feel like things are repeating.

They also make great "background noise" during times of studying or reading.

Back in college I would especially place piano compositions on loop and that always seemed to do the trick when it came to studying...especially during those late nights before exams.

And the masters of this genre were absolute geniuses...Chopin, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms,'s amazing to think that some of the most beautiful compositions known to man came from these inventive minds.

And for those naysayers (some of my friends) who think this type of music is boring and for I like to say, 100 years from now nobody will remember Katy Perry or Justin Timberlake or whomever other flavor of the month there is...but Chopin and Mozart and others will still be going strong.

Anyways I've included this video as a treat to already-fans of this genre, and also for those new to this medium who are looking to see a nice introduction to some great works.

At 6 hours long it's a great way to get started.


Godzilla Video of the Day

Kind of a little treat for all of you "Godzilla 1994" fans out there.

I've already discussed this lost and fan-favorite project several times now (you can find all of the articles related to it here) so finding this form of rarity was really an extra bonus.

Somebody on youtube was kind enough to find storyboards from the planned movie (for those not in the know storyboards are essentially preplanned concepts of how a scene will play out) and made them into a small video.

It's of a pivotal scene within the script, where the Gryphon is first discovered as he emerges from his hibernation. The way the scene plays out in the truly would have been a frightful and powerful introduction!

Here's hoping that the new Godzilla movie (if it's still allegedly going to utilize other monsters) has a moment like this.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Godzilla Video of the Day

Yes yes yes I know, what's this doing here?

There's no doubt that the 1998 Godzilla film continues to have an impact within the franchise, and for those 2% of you that haven't seen the film here's your chance to view and judge it for yourselves.

Love it...hate it...don't care about it...if there's one certainty about this film it's that everybody has an opinion on it that will never budge.

One thing that can never be complained about though are the special effects.  They still remain fantastic!

Some scenes (such as when Godzilla is eating those bait fishes) almost look photogenic!

Be on the lookout too for my teenage crush Maria Pitillo who played "Audrey Timmonds" in the film. I was just a teen when this movie first came out and I instantly had a crush on her!

Godzilla Image of the Day

****Credit goes to rattlesnapper for this fantastic image****

Looking more like Tony Montana from Scarface than the King of Monsters, Godzilla sits idly by as he ponders on his trophies.

Fantastic work by rattlesnapper, all looks to have been done in pencil too!

I can easily guess who most of these heads are but does anyone know who the bottom left head is? Is that Thor?