Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Godzilla Movie News: Leaked call sheet reveals Aaron's character name and HEAVY SPOILERS?!!!

Here I go over some heavy spoilers associated with a leaked call sheet from the Godzilla 2014 film. You've been warned!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Outside the Box: Texas Comicon Q&A with Kris Kidd

As promised everyone on my YouTube channel, here is the full interview featuring Kris Kidd from the Texas Comicon.


1) How did this start for yourself, the idea that you'd be creating your very own Comic Con? 

Looooong story. I used to be an independent comic book publisher. I was on the other side of the table. Some events were brutal, some were okay. Mind you, I started my efforts right at the collecting implosion of the late 90s. It was a grueling drive home from Phoenix after experiencing a less than satisfactory convention that changed my perspective. The guy driving the SUV I was in swerved to avoid a deer running across the highway. The SUV began to roll. 4 to 5 rotations later, I find myself upside-down in West Texas, 5 hours from home. After confirming all my friends were okay I noticed that my cash box had sprung open and the lack-luster revenue I managed to make was blowing away in the wind. It dawned on me. There had to be a better way.

2) What is your perception right now with the overall state of Comic Cons? 

It depends...The experience can be great if you're an attendee. As a vendor or a publisher, the costs can be unreasonable. You have to clear hundreds of dollars before you become profitable. That's why we offer as many FREE artist alley tables we can and our vendor booths don't cost an arm or a leg.

3) Who has been your favorite guest thus far and why?

Brent Spiner. Someone thought it would be funny to give this man a mustache on a stick. It WAS! He has a very good French accent which we've seen in TNG 'Times Arrow' and he wouldn't stop. Random moments in the car he'd pull this thing up to his face and entertain everyone. This experience was amplified by the presence of Sam Witwer from 'Being Human'. He is a fan of Brent himself and the two would sit there sharing stories and experiences. It was fun to be a spectator.

4) Without naming any names (unless wanted) who has been your worst guest and why? 

No complaints thus far. I think the secret is knowing that people are going to have different backgrounds and different personalities. You can't expect everyone to be Brent Spiner.

5) Who's that one guest that has still eluded you that you're still going after?

Stan 'the man' Lee. Maybe 2014.

6) You've vocally stated your stance on not having VIP-type passes and pricing. Why do you feel so especially when compared to other Comic Cons? 

I've never been a fan of excluding people. Secret clubs and Fraternities never appealed to me. I wasn't a jock growing up and I wasn't a scholar either. I've always felt misplaced. That's why comic books were such an important and influential part of my life. I could escape. I could be a hero. I decided to take the example of the original comic book convention, Comic-Con International in San Diego. Once you buy your admission, it's fair game. I've heard stories of fans 'camping' out through panels they didn't want to experience just so they would have the best spots in the room when it comes time for the panel they DID want to enjoy. Comic Conventions should be an exchange of ideas if you're a comic creator, and they should be the great equalizer if your a fan of the genre. There is nothing about the works of Siegel, Shuster, Lee and Kirby which says 'put up a velvet rope'.

7) Do you see your Comic Con one day reaching tens of thousands in attendance levels, and if so how do you feel about this growth/change? 

Absolutely. I have been fortunate to have recruited the best team of promoters imaginable. Nasser Rodriguez, who coordinates our publishers and creators has managed to rekindle the good vibe of artist alley. More than one veteran has complimented him. They're saying 'this has the feel of the good 'ol days'. Aaron Guerra has been managing the attendee traffic and continues to come up with ways of preventing the bottle-neck that can occur when thousands of people advance on one place at one time. And then there's Gary Orosco...he has been a long-time vendor at Texas Comicon. Depending on whose story you believe, I tried recruiting him at least a year ago to take on the role of vendor coordinator. He was interested, but I told him one of the rules is he can no longer be a vendor. Another problem I have with some other shows is the promoter setting up as a vendor with the best real estate. I have earned a great deal of respect from vendors for this attitude. But back to Gary...he has always been enthusiastic about the convention. He would create event pages on Facebook all on his own, just to drum up more attendance. He understands that if the vendors promote the show, everyone benefits. So, this will be Gary's last year as a vendor at Texas Comicon. While he will miss being on that side of the table, he looks forward to holding the title. Heck, he's been doing it since year one of Texas Comicon, I might as well pay him.

8) Favorite Godzilla movie and why?

ooooooo. I might be in the minority here, but I was always partial to Godzilla: 1985. It might be because I was a kid when I saw it, and everything is better as a kid. It could have been the Super X craft the Japanese had. Ooorrr...It could have been that the VHS tape I watched opened with Marv Newland's classic 'Bambi Meets Godzilla'.

9) Any upcoming plans for promoting the Godzilla 2014 movie at your Comic Con? 

Absolutely. We have been fortunate to work with the promotions teams of Movie Distributors. They provide us with swag which we in turn deliver to our attendees. This includes everything from stickers to advance screener passes. They see the benefit of working with us because they know the fans of these films are going to be at our shows. 2014 will promise to offer a great deal of Godzilla influences from Toho and Warner Brothers. And you can probably attest to the rich history Godzilla has had with comics. Godzilla has been on the pages of Marvel, Dark Horse and lastly IDW. We've already had a few artists at past Texas Comicons. Also, if my math is correct, Godzilla turns 60 next year, and as you can see with our 'Return of the Jedi' and 'Superman' celebrities this year, we love celebrating anniversaries.

10) Who's the better Captain, Kirk or Picard? (just a fun question)

You are an evil man, Fernando. While I prefer Picard as a Captain, I like Kirk more as a character. Did I successfully dodge a bullet there? Thank you Fernando! The pleasure is all mine.

- Kris Kidd