Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Outside the Box: BONUS, Alamo Ghost Hunter Q&A at the Texas Comicon

Here's the Alamo Ghost Hunter Q&A from the recent Texas Comicon.

In it he goes over some freaky encounters he's had with ghosts and other apparitions.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Godzilla Movie News: Roland Emmerich gives his thoughts on the latest Godzilla film!!!

Here I go over a recent interview Roland Emmerich where he gave his thoughts on the Godzilla 2014 film thus far.

Godzilla Movie News: First look at Elizabeth Olsen's character, and more Bryan Cranston photos!!!

Here I go over the latest set of on-set photos from the Godzilla 2014 film, including a first look at Elizabeth Olsen's character.

Godzilla Movie News: Godzilla trailer currently being filmed, to be shown before Pacific Rim?!!!

Here I go over the news that a Godzilla trailer is currently being film, presumably to be shown before Pacific Rim.