Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I have seen the 2nd leaked trailer!!! Here is the full description!!!

Hello everyone this is Fernando for Godzilla Movie News.

Thanks for going to my website for this. I had to place this info through this format because posting it in any way on Youtube would immediately have said video blocked and removed.

(HUGE thanks to Youtube user GodzillavsZilla2009 for the heads up btw!)

Folks for just about an hour or so yesterday the 2nd Trailer for the Godzilla 2014 film was leaked on Youtube.

I saw it. It was real. It looked absolutely real. It was a little over 2:30 minutes long. It had everything needed to make me believe it was real, including about 90% new footage not seen or leaked anywhere else previously.

We're talking about footage of most of the principal actors in scenes previously speculated or seen from behind the scenes photos. These were scenes involving them in their current clothing/hairstyles/costumes/etc from the movie, NOT reused clips from any of their past films. And they were played out in film-quality images, not spliced-together amateurish video from on-the-set onlookers. There were also special watermarks placed on the screen including a transparent wb logo.

In other words this was the real deal!

If this wasn’t then whoever did this did a HELL of a job convincing me otherwise.  They would had to have gone through great lengths of creating all of the scenes and actors of out CGI...and now that WB has immediately taken down these videos it tells me that this was real!

I saw it many times before it was taken down so I have a good recollection of what was in the trailer.

By the way the leaked Youtube video looked to be somebody recording it off of their own computer, so the quality was a little iffy but you could still make out a lot of things.

So here's how it started:

 - Standard green trailer band showcasing the key words "accompany this feature", which indicates it is to be released soon before an upcoming movie, hopefully this fall

 - the dual logos of WB and Legendary Pictures

 - the trailer starts with words from David Strathairn's military character. The scene opens with him telling what look to be a group of soldiers that they are about to do a "halo jump". They look to be inside a military transport plane, waiting to jump out.

 - some shots of these soldiers looking worried. They have what look to be respirators on their faces. They are wearing light grey/white full military uniforms, complete with helmets and transparent goggles.

 - David tells them something to the effect that it's okay to be worried/concerned as none of them have ever faced a situation like this before. He tells them their courage will never be more needed than it is today.

 - the back of the military plane opens and the soldiers jump out one by one, free falling towards the Earth. They were previously high above the clouds. It’s a very cloudy and sunny day from where they start.

 - as they fall they mysteriously hold onto canisters that release huge plumes of red mist, like they're marking a trail all the way down their freefall. Combining the amount of soldiers and these canisters makes for a large red plume heading towards the ground

 - scene cuts to them falling now through clouds full of lightning, also a POV shot inside one of the soldier's mask as he's getting freaked out by what he's anticipating is ahead

 - scene goes to a faraway shot as we see them (ant-size) descend towards what looks to be New York or a large Metropolitan city, complete with tall skyscrapers. The most striking image of this shot is that this city looks to have been UTTERLY DESTROYED. Imagine 9/11 plumage and smoke but instead of just one section of the city multiply it by the entire city. The entire city has smoke covering it from fallen buildings/rubble.

 - then for a long scene it goes back to the POV shot inside the soldier's mask, this time as he plummets into darkness. Here it was difficult to make out what he saw as there was total darkness, only his heightened breaths of fear, but his gasps grow and then suddenly stop

 - all throughout this scene the music is very haunting. Music-wise what was used sounded like the 2001 score as the space astronaut Bowman(?) went through that kaleidoscope of warping speeds. Very very eerie.

 - then the trailer went through some very quick shots which I'll hopefully list everything seen. They won't be in direct order but as close to proximity as possible.

 - quick back-shot scene of somebody (Aaron's character or Cranston's?) running through an underground tunnel full of scientists and people in radioactive suits. He’s heading one way, the people are running opposite.

 - a scene of a soldier pushing that large radioactive vault/door previously seen in a behind-the-scenes picture. The area looks to have lost power as it is dark and mainly their flashlights are illuminating things. Some of that green-hue lights are visible along with the white lights from their flashlights.

 - a scene of Bryan Cranston's character in a full white radioactive suit as he is also in total darkness, a very bright white light from atop illuminating his face as he goes to block this light.

 - Aaron's character in the subway train from the previous behind-the-scenes shot. Here he is looking back towards something and the camera cuts to his POV shot as a giant appendage(?) RIPS the back half of the subway train completely off. It looked like Godzilla's claws rather than a mouth, but it‘s difficult to make it out. Something though ripped that back half with as much ease as ripping a paper cup in half. The sheer power of whatever did this presented in this shot was amazing. Cut to other passengers now falling down towards this new gaping hole

 - a scene within the recently leaked Godzilla teaser of the dead bodies by the beach/subway train, followed by the scene of a small town-wide destruction.

 - a scene inside the stadium seen in a previous behind-the-scenes shot, the one where the stadium became a makeshift hospital. It shows a boy running towards somebody as he passes aisles of hospital cots. The camera cuts to this person and it's Elizabeth Olsen's character presumably running towards her son, whom she embraces

 - a scene from the leaked teaser showing the gaping hole within the large building, presumably from one of the giant monsters (or Godzilla) running through it, confirming that this shot will be in the movie

 - a scene showing Bryan Cranston gasping so hard at something offscreen he has to cover his mouth. He looks to be inside an enclosed room of some sort, maybe he’s looking at a television monitor?

 - the airport scene previously shown at the SDCC 2013 panel. It's a very quick scene of the fireball explosions going on in succession outside of the airport as the camera is inside the terminal with people looking out the glass in shock, the camera being behind their backs. The scene is so quick it does not show either the monster or Godzilla, but it looks amazing! Imagine 747’s blowing up one after another and you’ll get the idea.

 - Elizabeth Olsen's character in the city, rain falling on her, looking and gasping at something upwards towards the sky. She is so shocked she is by reflex already walking backwards, not believing what she is seeing.  She looks like she is about to scream

 - then it cuts to the final scene of the trailer, which is the full lengthy shot of Godzilla from the recently leaked teaser rising out of the rubble and turning to the side to deliver his new roar 

- cuts to the Godzilla logo and the trailer ends

So...Thoughts on this trailer…this movie is going to be HUGE!

From what was seen we haven’t even begun to imagine how big this movie will be.

The scope of this film looks to be enormous, covering various parts of the country if not the world while still focusing on a select few characters.

This does not look cheaply made, nor does it look like it was ever even shot on a set.

EVERYTHING looks legitimate and real, just like Gareth kept stating ad naseum that he wanted this to be as if the movie is really taking place in real life, but without resorting to the viral/shaky-cam world of Cloverfield.

If there’s a medium between Cloverfield and Godzilla 1998 this is where Godzilla 2014 looks to fit in. Share your thoughts below as well!!!

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